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Hediard French Café & Delicatessen Boutique at Tudor Court - The Black Truffles High Tea Set $28

At Hediard French Café & Delicatessen Boutique at Tudor Court, The Black Truffles High Tea Set $28 served comes with a set of exquisite Black Truffle-based “Bouchées” : 
  1. Truffle and white chocolate Macaron, 
  2. Truffle torchon Foie Gras toast (Foie Gras on toast), 
  3. Truffle Artichoke Heart (Artichoke with fresh fig compote and Truffles), 
  4. Truffle honey Pannacotta, 
  5. Truffle creamy French “Oeufs Brouillés”  (Scrambled eggs with Truffles), 
  6. Truffle Tarama toast. 
How it is prepared : Hediard French Café & Delicatessen Boutique Owner Verena Raveton de Castelmur shared that for the Truffle creamy French “Oeufs Brouillés”, the chef has to cook the egg in a pan immersed in hot water to cook the eggs slowly so the eggs do not turn out overcook nor under cook, nor too runny, but just right and even attain a creamier texture. 

For the Truffle honey Pannacotta, it is made using core ingredients : milk, cream, gelatin and Truffle flavored honey. 

Food tasting Notes : For the Truffle creamy French “Oeufs Brouillés”,  the eggs are cooked just right and served warm, there are tiny bits of Truffles stirred into the scrambled eggs that lends a distinctly unique garlicky taste. Apart from those found in the scrambled eggs, the chef also garnish the top of it with a slice of Truffle. 

The Truffle flavored honey is sold at Hediard's Boutique beside the Café. For the Pannacotta the chef uses the Truffle flavored honey that lend a sweet taste to the creamy milky Pannacotta's soft silky texture.  

The Truffle oil is used to make the ganache for the macaron, the macaron has a melt in your mouth texture, added with a sweet lightly garlicky flavor of the Truffle oil makes my palate leap for joy and satisfaction. 
The artichoke in the Truffle Artichoke Heart is baked till tender and garnished with fresh fig compote, and a slice of Black Truffle on top. The artichoke tastes juicy, and sweetly tender to the bite, the fresh fig compote lends a naturally sweet texture, whilst the Black Truffle contributes to a fragrant garlicky flavor.  

For the Truffle torchon Foie Gras toast, the Foie Gras has a delicate smooth melt in your mouth texture, with a buttery taste and a after taste of the fatty liver oil resides in your palate long after you swallow the Foie Gras. I like it that the Chef garnishes the Foie Gras with a delicate  slice of that delicious garlicky flavor Black Truffle with this light crunchy bite, Yummilicious!

The Truffle Tarama Toast - The Tarama is a Greek inspired specialty spread made from salted and cured roe. This mini toast comes with a very very creamy, mildly salty, savory flavor with a smooth texture and a very nourishing taste, and is made using tarama, cream, lemon juice, a little sea salt, with added truffles that lends a distinct garlicky truffle flavor. 
Note : Taramas is the salted and cured roe (tiny, almost microscopic eggs) of the cod, carp, or mullet and comes in two types : white creamy beige and coral pink. White beige tarama is undyed whilst pink tarama has color added to it to give a coral pink hue. Both types of tarama have very rich and salty flavor. Usually olive oil, vinegar and lemon juice are whipped into the mixture to form a mayonnaise-like emulsion. It is usually eaten as a dip, with bread and/or raw vegetables. 

Hediard French Café & Delicatessen Boutique is located at :
123-125 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247921
Tel : 63336683
Opening hours : 9am to 8pm Daily

For Corporate Gifts, Hediard Singapore Pte Ltd is located at : 
391B Orchard Road 
Ngee Ann City Tower B, #23-01, 
Singapore 238874
Tel : 68328048

Hediard at Market Place is located at : 
iON B4, Paragon B1, Tanglin Mall B1

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