Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fei Xiong Huang Chao at Changi Simei Community Centre - Dinner with the In laws

The Occasion: Christmas gathering 
Had dinner with the In-Laws at Changi-Simei Community Centre Coffeeshop with the Zhi Char stall called Fei Xiong Huang Chao that specialises in Chinese & Asian Zhi Char dishes cooked by mostly Malaysian Chefs with a good selection from various categories : Seafood, Meat, Poultry, Vegetables. 

My brother-in-law had a craving for Frog's legs so we ordered the Frog's legs stir fry with ginger & onion. 

This is the staple must order dish whenever we dine here & my Mum-in-law's favorite - the Nonya Assam whole Seabass. It comes with a tangy sour sweet salty flavor. 

This is the Prawn Paste Chicken commonly known as the Har Cheong Kai served here. The chicken is rolled in flour with salt pepper & prawn paste & deep fried till cooked. The key skill is to use really hot oil to deep fry the chicken so the oil will not adhere to the chicken - the end result is chicken meat tender on the inside & yet crispy of the outer skin. 

This is the Spinach with mushroom & carrot stir fry in oyster sauce. 

This is the Butter King Prawn with head & shell. This is my top dish for the evening. I loved gthat the Chef rolled the king prawns in butter & deep fried them so that the head & shells are crispy & so edible, but a strong buttery fragrance. 

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