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Squires & Scoundrels at 72 Duxton Road S(089531) - The Making of New York Burger

The Making of the New York Burger 
The preparation of the New York Burger requires slightly different ingredients than the Madrid Burger - ingredients include tomatoes, pickled vegetables. I manage to capture Feera in action again as she prepares the New York Burger at Squires & Scoundrels located at 72 Duxton Road. 

Consultant & supplier Fine Palate prepares & delivers the air flown fresh chilled Australian Wagyu beef patties individually wrapped for the kitchen staff here to prepare the gourmet New York Burger. 

Feera takes some whole tomatoes & cut them into thin slices for use later. 

Here we see Feera taking out the Wagyu beef patty from the chiller (above) & removing the plastic cover from the beef patty (see below).
Feera places the Wagyu beef patty onto a small metal saucer.
Feera seasons the Wagyu beef patty with some pepper powder.

Feera seasons the Wagyu beef patty with a dash of ginger power.

Feera places the Wagyu beef patty onto the grill to cook for about 3-5 minutes on each side to seal in the flavors.  

Whilst waiting for the beef patty to cook, Feera scoops some of the dipping dressing onto a serving cup. 

Feera flips the beef patty onto the next side to allow it to cook on the grill. 

Whilst waiting for the Wagyu beef patty to cook, Feera loads a portion of the frozen French fries into the fryer to fry. 

After sealing in the flavors, Feera placed the Wagyu beef patty into the small metal saucer and grill it in the oven for a few more minutes to cook it completely. 

Feera gets ready the French fries which by now is ready to be served. 

Feera places the burger bun into the oven to toast for a few minutes.

After the burger bun has been toasted, Feera scoops a cup of the Chorizo Mayo & spreads it onto the bun crown as well as bun base.

Feera adds the pickled vegetables to the bun base.

Feera adds 2 fresh raw tomato slices onto the pickled vegetables.
Feera takes out the Wagyu beef patty with cheese from the oven & plates it onto the tomato slices, then adds some lettuce. 

She caps the patty with the bun crown, & wraps the New York Burger with the burger wrapper.

Feera places the New York Burger into the Burger basket. 
Feera adds a dash of dried herbs to the French fries to add some flavor to it. 
Feera then tossed the French fries to ensure uniform even coating of the fries. 

Feera serves the New York Burger with the newly fried French fries tossed in dried herbs, with a cup of the dipping sauce. 
Tasting Notes - Founder Brent Oddson believes in using quality ingredients. The Wagyu beef with its excellent marbling has been minced & made into individual patty yet still retains those fatty tissues interspersed between the minced meat.   
By grilling it on both sides on the griller, the juices of the Wagyu beef are sealed to contain the delicious meat juice. A further cooking in the oven serves to cook the meat completely. 

The result is meat that is moist succulent juicy tender sweet full of flavors. The accompanying pickled vegetables, tomato slices, lettuce serves to lend a crispy crunchy, tarty bite to this gourmet burger.  

I appreciate that Feera took the trouble to toast the bun in the oven to lend a nice toasted fragrant flavor to the bun & makes it all the more alluring to the palate. 

I love straight cut French fries - they look more natural to me than those wedge ones or crinkled cut ones. Feera fries the frozen French fries ala minute as per order - so you don't have fries that are too soft no too mushy. 

The French fries are tastily done, nice clean fresh hot sweet with a touch of herbs, a delicious treat indeed to finish off after you have devoured the Gourmet burger.

About Squires & Scoundrels 
Squires & Scoundrels at 72 Duxton Rd is founded in June 2014 by American Brent Oddson, 35, who used to be a Trader from the Finance industry  & had lived & worked in Singapore for the past 12 years. 
It is managed under Vespucci & Sons International Grocers of whom Brent Oddson is the Managing Director. Together with his Marketing & PR right hand man - Briton Oliver Osborne, 33, 
(who himself owns Osborne Holdings or OH for short) a marketing & events company, Brent Oddson sets Squires & Scoundrels apart as a boutique gastropub serving - 1. Beer & Cider (*Bluesky Pilsner, Peroni(Draft), Tuatara, Rochdale Cider, Spitfire Ale, Citra Ale, Bishops Finger, Weizenbier, Oakham Ales Citra**) 
2. Cocktail (*Furtini, Greg's Negroni, Jhonny Danger, Margarita, Mojitos, Tito's Summer, Scoundrel's Sangria**) 
3. Wines (*Reds & Whites**) 
4. Specialty Gourmet Burgers in 4 different flavors: New York, Madrid, Bombay, Ciudad de Mexico, with The Colonies (sliders) & The Territories (*side of fries*).  

Squires & Scoundrels' hot kitchen uses Australian fresh chilled Wagyu beef patty which when pan-seared serves to seal in the flavor to enable the meat to  exude a juicy sweet tender flavor after a 3 minutes' grill in the oven. Diners can have a drink, chill out & enjoy a fun game on the Shuffle Board. During the day you can follow Feera as she whips up delicious tasty Gourmet Wagyu Burgers.

Squires & Scoundrels is located at : 
72 Duxton Road, Singapore 089531
Tel : 66356604
Nearest MRT : Tanjong Pagar MRT 
Opening Hours : (Monday - Saturday) 
3pm - 7pm (Happy Hour)
3pm - 12 am (Burger/Bar)
6pm - 12am Sat (Burger/Bar)

River JOrdan and JOrdan being groovy on the disco floor !

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