Monday, November 10, 2014

D'zerts Cafe at 30 Jalan Pari Burong - Revisited with family

The Occasion - Revisit D'zerts Cafe in 2014
I brought my family - Bob, Graceful Gracious Grace & my MIL to revisit D'zerts Cafe this year to savour the delectable desserts at D'zerts Cafe at 30 Jalan Pari Burong, tucked away in the eastern part of little island Singapore. 

D'zerts Cafe is helmed by Chef Lemuel Tay & his dad Mr Tay Yong Seng who is an Engineer by training. Tay Yong Seng and Lemuel Tay is a father and son partnership on D'zerts Trading Pte Ltd - the company that operates D'zerts Cafe at 30 Jalan Pari Burong. Tay Yong Seng used to be an Electronic Engineer with SingTel for 25 years before he left to set up YS Travel with his wife, organizing tour packages to Batam, Malaysia, SE Asia region for SMEs, corporate companies, families, church groups, grassroots organizations. 

IT trained Lemuel Tay worked as a Chef with the Navy for four and a half years before he decided to strike out on his own to pursue his passion and love for creating and developing uniquely different, out of the ordinary pastry and desserts.

(Note *Not much has changed except that the Resident Chef featured in my feature write up for D'zerts Cafe when they first started in 2013 - Pastry Chef Yvette, has since left D'zerts Cafe to start her own Cafe called Hatter Street at 212 Hougang Street 21.**) 

Today D'zerts Cafe is growing strong with their regular customers coming in by the dozens, mostly families with kids, young couples on a busy Sunday afternoon, simply to savor the new menu & delectable desserts served here at D'zerts Cafe. 

The Ambience 
Decorating the entrance of D'zerts Cafe are wooden crates stacked neatly in staggered layers with fresh herbs & spices growing out of them - this makes for an edible garden and renders D'zerts Cafe pretty self-sufficient.

Hot Foods on The Menu 
Apart from the selection of freshly made desserts & cakes, D'zerts Cafe also expanded their menu to include hot foods - 

  • Pasta such as Aglio Olio, Linguini with cream sauce & mushroom or chicken, 
  • Soups such as Mushroom soup, 
  • Sandwiches such as Chicken Ham & Cheese Waffle Sandwich.

Tucked away next to the gelato counter is the merchandise shelf where D'zerts Cafe retails Tupperware products.

Beverage Galore 
Besides the usual Espresso, Long Black, Flat White, Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha, Hot Tea, Iced Tea, Hot Chocolate, Ice Chocolate, D'zerts Cafe also serves up Italian Sodas in various flavors - Lychee, Strawberry, Green Mint. 

Besides all these D'zerts Cafe also serves Affogato - which essentially is a Classic espresso & gelato float. 

The Gelato Selection 
One thing to note - D'zerts Cafe is closed every Monday when Mr Tay & son Chef Lemuel Tay will spent the entire day making the gelato from scratch. Currently at any one time D'zerts Cafe serves up to 10 flavors made using natural fresh ingredients & real fruits.

The Desserts Selection 
Customers can choose from a selection of Artisan cakes & tarts : 
  • Apple Crumble
  • Mango Passion
  • Lychee Heart 
  • Bailey's Chocolate Mousse
  • Salted Caramel Cheesecake 
  • Salted Caramel Sauce**
  • Earl Grey Caramel Sauce ** 
(**sold in limited quantity to ensure freshness - due to popular demand from customers)

  • Lemon Dancing Meringues
  • Seventy Fifty-Six
  • Salted Caramel Seventy Fifty-Six
  • Matcha Latte 
  • Hazel's Delight 
  • Chocolate Indulgence 
  • Opera Cake 
  • Tiramisu
  • Kahlua-misu

Take a peek at our Dessert Panacea to satisfy our sweet tooth during this lovely sunny Sunday afternoon:

Mocha - warm brew with beautiful foam on top, and a dash of chocolate syrup at the base. 

Creme Brulee - lovely silky smooth, creamy texture & a melt in your mouth consistency with a mildly sweet lightly eggy flavor, and a crisp caramelised top scorched cover. I am an avid lover of Creme Brulee & is pretty adamant that a great Creme Brulee must be smooth, creamy, eggy & mildly sweet. D'zerts Cafe certainly makes one of the more unforgettable ones. 

Mango Passion - top layer is a lightly sourly tarty mango gelatin layer followed by vanilla mousse layer, resting on a thin Josconde layer followed by Mango mousse resting on final Josconde layer. All of D'zerts Cafe cakes come with a Josconde Sponge which has almond nuts blended into the sponge to give it a nutty taste.

Can't decide whether to drink Matcha or Latte, yet want to have your cake and eat it ? Well you can have them both in a cake at D'zerts Cafe. The Matcha Latte - made with green tea from real green tea bags that are extracted by lightly steaming the green tea, and the extract is then blended into mousse. The layer of Matcha mousse is thicker than the sponge and has a melt in your mouth texture that taste like green tea. All of D'zerts Cafe cakes come with a Josconde Sponge which has almond nuts blended into the sponge to give it a nutty taste.

D'zerts Cafe is located at 30, Jalan Pari Burong, S(488696)
Tel: 64486707
Opening Hours: 
11 am to 11 pm, closed on Mondays 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

{knead to eat} at 6 Changi Business Park Avenue 1, UE BizHub East North Tower, #01-30 - The Art of Making a delicious Brutus Roast Beef Sandwich

The {knead to eat} Guide 
to Making a Great Tasting Sandwich 
{knead to eat} Founder Mumtaz Marican has generously let me in to the secret to making a delicious Gourmet Brutus Roast Beef Sandwich. She has her Sandwich Artist demonstrate a step by step guide below:
Step 1 - Slice the bread in the middle to open into two halves.

Step 2 - On the base half of the bread, spread the first dressing evenly to cover the entire half. 

Step 3 - Lay the sliced tomato as the base. 

Step 4 - Lay the rolled beef on top of the tomato.  

Step 5 - Add the caramelised onions. 

Step 6 - Lay the sauteed fresh Shiitake mushrooms on top of the caramelised julienned white onions. 

Step 7 - Lay two slices of Cheddar cheese on top of the caramelised mushroom. 

Step 8 - Spread the top half of the bread with the mustard spread & cover the Cheddar cheese.  

Step 9 - Slide the Brutus Beef Sandwich on the flat metal pan ready for the oven toaster. 

Step 10 - Oven toast the Brutus Beef Sandwich for about 3-5 minutes till Cheddar cheese just melts. 

Step 11 - Serve the Brutus Beef Roast Sandwich immediately.  

{knead to eat} is located at :
6 Changi Business Park Avenue 1,
UE BizHub East North Tower, #01-30, 
Singapore (486017) 
Tel : 67020887
Email :
Opening Hours : 
Mon - Fri 7am to 7pm
Call for Corporate Catering & Delivery Services 

River JOrdan and JOrdan being groovy on the disco floor !

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