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JJ Thai Cuisine at 8 Jalan Legundi Unit #01-10 Victory 8 Building (Part 2 of 2)

JJ Thai Cuisine opens a year ago at 8 Jalan Legundi, Sembawang, at the Victory 8 Building & initially occupied just one unit #01-10 but quickly took over another unit #01-05 that was vacated by an ice cream parlour. 

The Ownership 
JJ Thai Cuisine's owner Mr Han started his flagship Thai Food stall at Blk 115 Bukit Merah View #01-01, Bukit Merah Food Centre, Singapore 151115 after returning to Singapore  & having completed his stint as a Restaurant Manager managing a Thai restaurant in Thailand. 

Because of the merchant & supplier network he had established in his capacity as Restaurant Manager in Thailand, he was able to import authentic ingredients direct from Thailand for use at his Bukit Merah Stall as well as his current JJ Thai Cuisine at 8 Jalan Legundi, Victory 8 Building at Sembawang. 

The Cuisine & The Signature Dishes 
The cuisine served here is Thai with key signatures such as Pandan Leaf chicken, Tom Yum Soup, Thai Fish cake, Thai Prawn cake, Thai Green Curry, Thai Red Curry, Fried Fish. JJ Thai cuisine serves lunch, dinner & drinks. 

5. Signature Sambal Kang Kong
If there is one vegetable I never get enough of - it must be the staple Sambal Kang Kong, usually one of the favorite among Zhi Char dishes, it is usually stir-fried with dried shrimp, sambal chili sauce and/or with Belachan chili sauce. 
I love it that the native Thai Chef managed the fire well enough to not overcook it or undercook it, so that the Sambal Kang Kong still retains its green hue. 

6. Signature Thai Fish Cakes (at S$8 per serving of 4 pieces ) 
The Thai Fish Cakes otherwise known as Tod Mun Pla served here at JJ Thai Cuisine are huge, quite a respectable size & portion & measures about 2.5 inches in diameter with a thickness of about 0.75 inch. 
How it is prepared - Basically the Chef combines all the core ingredients : fish paste, Thai red curry paste, egg, kaffer lime leaves, corn flour & blend them into a smooth paste, then add the french beans & mix the paste evenly. He then makes them into a flat circular cake, coats them in flour & deep fries them in a deep fryer at 180 degrees Celsius for about 3 - 4 minutes till them are fully cooked. 
For the dipping sauce the Chef uses core ingredients : Thai fish sauce, Thai sweet chili, roasted chopped peanuts, finely diced cucumber. 
Tasting Notes - compared to other Thai restaurants I visited, JJ Thai Cuisine serves up the biggest Thai fish cake I ever tasted. measuring 2.5 inches in diameter & 0.75 inch thick, the Thai Fish cake is chock full of, note, real fish meat mixed evenly with the Red curry paste, to grant a smooth chewy texture, reeks full of aromatic Kaffer lime flavor & red curry flavor, with the occasional crunchy bites from the French beans embedded within it. 
It is best recommended to pair it with the dipping sauce as it lends a sweet mildly spicy nutty flavor to the fish cake & makes it deliciously appetizing.

7. Signature Green Curry Prawns
To make the curry assessment & evaluation complete we ordered the Green Curry Prawn just to determine which curry tastes better here at JJ Thai Cuisine.  
The Thai Chef uses fresh large prawns for this recipe. The large prawns are butterflied & de-veined, but with heads still attached. 
The green curry paste generally used in Thai cuisine are made using core ingredients such as : cilantro roots, coriander, cumin, galangal, garlic, kaffer lime, lemongrass, peppercorns, salt, shallots, shrimp paste, chili leaf, Thai green chili peppers. 
The ingredients are pounded in a mortar & pestle till a smooth paste is found then it is ready for use in making the Thai Green Curry Prawn. 

Tasting Notes - I am impressed the Chef uses large prawns here for this dish. Generally if the prawns are fresh the meat is firm & bouncy & has a sturdy crunchy bite to it. The Thai Chef cleverly butterflies the prawns so they are better able to absorb the flavors of the green curry paste as well as to be better infused with the rich flavors. 

The green curry gravy is slightly more lemak than the red curry & bears a amalgam of aromatic flavors of the various spices & herbs uses in this recipe. 

JJ Thai Cuisine is conveniently located at : 
8 Jalan Legundi, Unit #01-10, 
Victory 8 Building, Singapore 
Tel : 64844110

Opening Hours : 
11.30 am to 10.30 pm ( Tuesday to Sundays )
Closed on Mondays 
Offers Delivery, Catering, Take-Outs.
Accepts Cash only.

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