Sunday, February 12, 2012

Part 2 - 11 Feb 2012 dinner at Ah Orh Seafood at Sin Ming Road

Last evening the patriarch of the family was the Head Chef. He has an eldest son who is not keen in the family restaurant business, but has three capable daughters and his Mrs who are a great help in his food/ restaurant business. In fact it is the third daughter who does the cook out on Weekdays.

But they are taking a holiday break from 17Feb to 1 Mar 2012 so DO NOT come during this period as they shall be closed.
There were quite a number of orders from many tables, so I had the opportunity to capture each dish as they were presented to the patrons.

Cold Crab 

Stewed Sea Cucumber 

 Tou Fu Vegetable Takeaway 

Oyster Egg Omelette 


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