Sunday, May 6, 2012

Part 1 - Turtle And Co at Old Airport Road Food Centre

Bob told me there was this young lady & gentleman who operates a food stall at Old Airport Road Food Centre called :"TURTLE & CO". He said the couple looked like those Office Executive you find at Shenton Way, and really seem out of place at Old Airport Road, they looked like the educated Stall Owner. 

These days you hardly find young people willing to strike out on their own and making a living through sheer hard work in the F&B industry. Out of curiosity I approached  the stall on 30April 2012 ( the day I went to Old Airport Road after collecting my newly minted NRIC from the ICA) and collected the TURTLE & CO Business Card from Eelicia Huang the lady owner of the stall. 

I made to make an appointment to do a write up feature for TURTLE & CO. So Sat I visited Eelicia's TURTLE & CO. 

Eelicia, Hari & one other partner started this stall TURTLE & CO. Eelicia & Hari were colleagues at Maybank , the former clocked in 5 years in Credit Loan Department whilst the latter clocked in 3.5 years in Business Development. 

They decided to be their own bosses and were deliberating on starting F&B Business or Fashion Apparel Business, and eventually decided on a niche F&B Business. They paid an undisclosed sum to learn the business from a veteran in the trade, and really take pains to master the art of making delicious tonic soup. 

Here are some samples of their hard labour. 

Pork Ribs Soup 

This is what I ordered :
Shi Chuan Black Chicken Soup(S$5.00per serving)

Each serving comes with a bowl of white rice. The rice used is of good quality and are not broken rice bit but comes in whole grains. The soup stock taste sweet due to the generous use of red dates & wolfberries. Eelicia & Hari does not use MSG in their cooking. 

River JOrdan and JOrdan being groovy on the disco floor !

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