Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fu Xiang Kitchen at Food Junction, Sembawang Shopping Centre

Fu Xiang Kitchen started off as a hawker stall located at Bishan Bus Interchange specialising in Chinese & Asian Cuisine in the 1990's. Today Fu Xiang Kitchen has grown to be a popular food joint in well known Food Courts in your neighbourhood Shopping Mall. 

This year Fu Xiang Kitchen newly opened their outlet at Food Junction at Sembawang Shopping Centre, offering their Signature Chicken Curry Claypot set. Here's what we ordered below.

The Nonya styled Chicken Curry Claypot really bowled me over. The curry is lemak (thick) with generous serving of tumeric and spices that lends it the aromatic flavour. I personally would cook my Nonya styled chicken curry no other way but this. And I'd add lots more candle nuts to lend it a nuttier flavour, and use freshly grated coconut to extract the coconut milk instead of commercial prepacked coconut milk. 

The two pomfret tastes great, but the chef needs to be a little more generous with the sambal sauce, there just wasn't enough to dip the meat in. 

Deep Fried Pomfret in Sambal Sauce

Nonya Curry Chicken Claypot set

River JOrdan and JOrdan being groovy on the disco floor !

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