Saturday, January 26, 2013

Causeway Bay Hong Kong Cafe at Causeway Point Part 5

For those who have a small appetite, you can select something light from Causeway Bay Hong Kong Cafe's menu under the Sandwich or Appetisers Category :

1. Sandwich - there are 6 different types of Sandwich to choose from
a. Egg & Ham Sandwich

b. Crispy Tuna Sandwich
c. Club Sandwich
d. Luncheon Meat Sandwich
e. Bacon & Ham Sandwich
f. Cheese & Ham Sandwich

2. HK Special Appetiser
a. Deep Fried Wonton 生炸云吞

b. Toffee Sweet Potato拔丝地瓜

c. Bacon Roll with Fish & Shrimp Paste 烟肉风尾卷

 d. "Luo Song Tong" Borsch Soup 罗宋汤

e. French Fries 脆炸薯条

f. Chicken Wing with Cheese香烤芝士鸡翼

g. Baked Cheese Fries 芝士薯条

h. French Toast 港式西多士

i. HK Dai Pai Stall Curry Fish Ball 大排档咖哩鱼蛋

River JOrdan and JOrdan being groovy on the disco floor !

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