Saturday, May 11, 2013

Kraze Burger Original - Kraze Burgers at Plaza Singapura

This is the Alpha - the very original beginnings of the Kraze Burger - The Kraze Burger Original.

Made up of a single 100% beef patty grilled to perfection, fresh cut onions, tomato, lettuce, home made pickles, cheese, served with sweet corn on lettuce leaf - this is a hearty meal for one with an appetite for Gourmet styled burger. Every ingredient used are hand made so do have patience  to wait whilst your Gourmet Burger is being prepared ala minute. 

The next time you bite into a Kraze Gourmet Burger, do give the Chef your thumbs up as you bite into the healthy goodness of what the Kraze Burger can bring to you.
This completes my Instalment series for Kraze Burger. 

Credit goes to :
  1. Emmanuel Paul for hosting me and arranging for this Food Tasting Session at Kraze Burger. 
  2. Ice for seeing me through the entire Food Tasting session and introducing me to the various burger flavors 
  3. the two chefs (Antonio) who prepares and crafts these burgers at Kraze

River JOrdan and JOrdan being groovy on the disco floor !

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