Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mango Naan - The Mango Tree Indian Coastal Restaurant at I12 Katong

Naan is a North Indian flat bread made from all purpose flour (maida), rapid rise yeast, sugar, salt, yogurt, ghee. Below is a typical recipe for making Naan. 
Ingredients : 

  • Warm water to dissolve the yeast,
  • Rapid rise yeast, 
  • Sugar (helps yeast to rise better), 
  • Salt, 
  • All purpose plain flour (maida), 
  • Yogurt makes naan very soft (preferably room temperature so it does not deactivate yeast), 
  • Ghee helps to make naan soft. 
Steps :
Add yeast to warm water, set aside for yeast to dissolve. Add salt to the flour. To the yeast, add room temperature yogurt, add melted ghee, flour to make the dough. Make sure the naan dough is sticky yet not too soft. Set aside for dough to rise. After the dough has risen, make balls out of the dough, put inside a bowl to let it rise further. Roll each of the ball flat on rolling board. Set the oven temperature to 500-550 degrees Fahrenheit. Preheat the pizza baking stone and oven before you bake the naan. Baste the top layer of the flattened dough with olive oil. Bake naan for 8 mins in oven. 

The Mango Tree Indian Coastal Restaurant is the only Indian restaurant in Singapore that serves Mango Naan. The mango lends a delicious sweet flavor to the naan, baked crisp yet chewy. 

The Mango Tree Indian Coastal Restaurant is located at : 
112 East Coast Road, 
I12 Katong, #03-11, S(428802) 
Tel : 66049661, 66049662

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