Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Birthday Treat - Lee's Taiwanese opens at JEM in June 2013

Lee's Taiwanese at JEM 

Taiwanese Cuisine featuring Jeelung Specialties - Lee's Taiwanese at JEM 

The Menu - Lee's Taiwanese at JEM 

Our Order - Lee's Taiwanese at JEM 
This is my Birthday month and Aunt Mary gave me a treat at Lee's Taiwanese to celebrate my Birthday. 

Aunt Mary ordered the Set Meal which consists of Pig Intestines Mee Sua, Toufu with Century Egg, Lime Juice. 

This Pig Intestine Mee Sua is one of the popular must haves you can find in the Jeelung Miaokou Food Street. Restaurateur Fiona has taken effort to ensure diners get the taste as close to that from Jeelung Miaokou Food Street, by using Mee Sua from Taiwan, with a much smoother silkier texture than those commonly eaten in Singapore. 

The Mee Sua is served in soup broth carefully stewed for hours using pork bones as base, which gives the broth a sweet flavor. Added to the Mee Sua is the vinegar from Taiwan which gives the dish a sourly savory taste. The pig intestines are stewed on medium low heat to give it a soft chewy texture. 
For those who wants a spicy Mee Sua you can top it with the in house Chili paste 

I ordered their Signature Chicken Chop Rice
My Food Tasting Notes : The chicken chop is fried just right, not oily at all. The skin is a crispy light brown color, the meat is thick and lightly layered with a thin layer of flour and tastes juicy, tender and delicious. The chicken chop comes paired with rice, pickled vegetables, tou fu, mini Taiwanese sausage, pickled cucumber, half a hard boiled egg. The pickled vegetables lend an appetizing sweet savory taste to this dish. 

Fiona maintained that the Chicken chop used at Lee's Taiwanese are not flattened to enlarge its surface area but retains its original thickness and surface area, and are only lightly coated with flour. 

Fiona shared that the chicken chop serve back in Taiwan are usually served in whole piece, without any carving on the chicken chop in order to retain the juice from the chicken chop. The Chicken Chop served at Lee's Taiwanese are served whole. She pointed out the outlet kitchen changes the deep frying vegetable oil daily to ensure each pork or chicken chop served daily does not have the rancid  taste from used oil.

Lee's Taiwanese can be located at :
1. JEM, #03-05/06, 
    50, Jurong Gateway, S(608549)
    Tel : 66941588
2. The Star Vista, 1 Vista Exchange Green, 
    #02-08, S(138617).
    Tel : 66944869
    Open Hours :
   11.30am to 10pm (Sun to Thurs)
   11.30am to 11pm (Fri,Sat, Eve of PH)

River JOrdan and JOrdan being groovy on the disco floor !

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