Wednesday, September 4, 2013

D'zerts Cafe at 30 Jalan Pari Burong - Salmon & Leek Quiche

Salmon Quiche with Leek – the salmon is first steamedthen the cooked meat is flaked and added to the circular crust base with quiche mix. Quiche filling consists of milk, cream, egg, salt, pepper, salmon meat. Quiche is baked at medium heat  for 25 mins. 

Food Tasting Notes : Salmon & Leek Quiche tastes lightly sweet due to the leek, and mildly salty. Salmon meat tastes fresh, moist. Quiche mix tastes creamy, buttery. Crust is sweet even on its own. Smell is eggy. 

D'zerts Cafe is located at 30, Jalan Pari Burong, S(488696)
Tel: 64486707
Opening Hours: 
11 am to 11 pm, closed on Mondays 

River JOrdan and JOrdan being groovy on the disco floor !

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