Tuesday, September 3, 2013

D'zerts Cafe at 30 Jalan Pari Burong - Strawberry Chiffon

Strawberry Chiffon – D'zerts Cafe does a mean Orange Chiffon cake but it was not available on my visit. However I get to try out the Strawberry Chiffon cake which was the special item on the menu that day. 

Pastry Chef Yvette uses fresh strawberry in this recipe. She pureed, blend the fresh strawberry with a little sugar and add them to the chiffon mixture, and baked it at medium heat for about 20 mins. 

Core ingredients added to make the chiffon mixture include  : eggs, egg white, sugar, flour, little salt. One fact Chef Yvette shared : when fresh strawberries are baked their color becomes lighter, close to being white. 

Chef Yvette's secret to making a good chiffon cake - you need to fold whisk in more air pockets. Chef Yvette does not add artificial flavorings to the Chiffon cake here unlike some bakeries that uses artificial flavorings to make the flavor stronger. 

Food Tasting Notes : The Strawberry Chiffon tastes lightly sweet, has a tender moist and soft texture, has a distinct strawberry flavor, with a strong strawberry smell when you take a deep whiff of the chiffon cake. There is no artificial coloring added to the chiffon so it takes the natural color of the strawberry. There are some larger air pockets where the strawberry bits are found. When you do bite and chew, you'd find bits of the strawberry fruit in your mouth. 

D'zerts Cafe is located at 30, Jalan Pari Burong, S(488696)
Tel: 64486707
Opening Hours:
11 am to 11 pm, closed on Mondays 

River JOrdan and JOrdan being groovy on the disco floor !

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