Tuesday, October 1, 2013

2am:dessertbar at Holland Village - The Making of Red Miso Caramel

This is the Red Miso Caramel (S$15) available on the Contemporary Category on the 2am:dessertbar Menu. This dessert is designed and created by Pastry Chef Janice Wong of 2am:dessertbar at 21 Lorong Liput, Holland Village, and is made with Core Ingredients : mustard crumble, miso lemon foam, mustard yuzu meringue.  

We have 2am:dessertbar's Pastry Chef Carmen Rueda (who hails from Spain) to show us how to prepare the Red Miso Caramel (S$15).

How it is prepared : First three scoops of lemon cream is laid at the base. Mustard crumble is then laid at the centre of the plate covering the lemon cream. Some drops of mustard gel is added to the mustard crumble. The miso flavor ice cream is then laid on top of the mustard crumble. Miso lemon foam is extruded from the espuma onto the plate in three scoops. The miso caramel is then laid next to the miso foam. Lastly the mustard Yuzu dry meringue wafers are added to carefully line the sides of the miso foam. 

Food Tasting Notes : The miso lemon foam has a tinge of citrus to it largely due to the lemon in the foam. The miso and caramel frozen into crispy form, has a lightly salty, buttery tinge from the miso and caramel. There is a distinct lemony flavor coming from the lemon cream at the base, followed by the light citrus flavor from the mustard Yuzu dry meringue. The mustard and Yuzu made into the dry meringue has a melt in your mouth texture. When you stir up the ingredients together, there is an aftertaste base layer of citrus flavor, more distinct taste of lemon, plus a very buttery after taste. This very unique mixture of savory, citrus, buttery flavor made in a dessert dish leaves your palate refreshed! 

My gratitude and thanks to :
  • Pastry Chef Janice Wong for the invite, 
  • Ms Rachael Chan for arranging the visit, 
  • Chef Carmen Rueda for the demo session durig the visit.

2am:dessertbar is located at 21A Lorong Liput, Holland Village, Singapore 277733, and is open Monday to Saturday from 6pm to 2am. 
For reservations please call +65 6291 9727 or email at 2amdessertbar@gmail.com

River JOrdan and JOrdan being groovy on the disco floor !

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