Thursday, October 10, 2013

Swirl@rt at 417 River Valley Road - Chicken Pita Bread Sandwich (S$14)

Tender Chicken with Pita Bread Sandwich (S$14) - Middle Eastern bread stuffed with Chicken tossed in light yogurt, mayonnaise, this is the popular dish at Swirl@rt Cafe, especially among the expatriates. 

How it is prepared - The chicken pita bread sandwich is made with core ingredients : sliced onion, cucumber stripes, live culture yogurt (from Swirl@rt Cafe), mayonnaise, chicken, pita bread. The bread is sourced from supplier and not made in house. The chicken breasts are lightly grilled to perfection then carved into bite size pieces.
The chicken bites in the pita bread is stirred in with sauce made with ingredients: yogurt from Swirl@rt, mayonnaise and a few other secret ingredients. The Chef uses Middle East spice (sourced locally) to make the sauce that gives off a Middle East flavor to the chicken bites. Though the chef declined to reveal the other secret ingredients for the sauce, I checked online for Middle Eastern recipes for Chicken Pita Bread sandwich and found that the commonly used ingredients to make the sauce are : yogurt, garlic, lemon juice, finely chopped parsley, finely chopped fresh mint leaves. 

Food Tasting NotesThis dish taste sweet because of the onion, coupled with savory, creamery texture of the sauce blended well into the chicken bite pieces. The sauce for the chicken has a distinctive curry like flavor that is very appetising. I can also taste a flavor liken to that of tumeric, Djion mustard, but was not able to pinpoint the exact ingredients as the Chef declined to give details. 

Swirl@rt is located at 417, River Valley Road, 
S ( 248316 )
Tel : 68873720 
Email :
Website :
Opening Hours : 
Monday to Thursday, Sunday - 12pm to 1 am 
Friday, Saturday, Eve of PH - 12pm to 3 am 

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