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Backstage Cafe at 158 Kallang Way - The Introduction The Ambience The Menu The Signatures The Promotion

The Ambience 
One of the places in Singapore where you can go star gazing is this cafe called Backstage Cafe at 158 Kallang Way, #01-06, Safekeep Building. 

The owner of Safekeep Building owns Studio & filming business and extends their business into cafe operation, providing a networking as well as rest and relax comfort corner in the busy industrial estate in Kallang Way for those who are in the entertainment industry. Now and then you can spot many of the MediaCorp celebrities stopping by in between filming to have a cuppa coffee.

With a high ceiling from which hangs many hanging lamps, the cafe is spacious, and decorated with a minimalist modern theme. The back wall of the cafe hangs a huge signage bearing the Backstage Cafe brand. 

The Beverage & Dessert Serving Station holds the coffee beans selection, brewing machines and other accessories,  

the 1872 Clipper Tea Company Tea leaves,

There are high tables with high chairs for those diners who prefer an aerial view of their food. 

There are also square dining tables complete with wooden high back chairs. 

Backstage Cafe has a complete selection of Cheese cakes, muffins, pies for those with a sweet tooth. 

Some of the props that are representative of what industry the cafe serves is this camera with stand below. 

The Menu 
Backstage Cafe serves a selection of western and fusion cuisine at its outlet at 158 Kallang Way, Safekeep Building. The building owners are in the studio & film productions industry and opened Backstage Cafe as an extensive of their core business to provide a place for artistes as well as production teams to network and interact with those in the same industry.  

The menu is made up of core categories : 
Main Course(Mondays to Fridays 2pm-8pm) - 5 types
Mini Brunch(Mondays to Fridays 2pm-8pm) - 3 different types, 
Pastas - 6 different flavors, 
Burgers - Chicken Burger, Beef Burger, 
Salads - 2 differetnt types : Caesar's Salad, Chicky Garden Salad 
Side Kicks - 7 different varieties, 
Coffee & drinks - 11 different types, 
Tea - 8 different flavors from the Clipper Tea Company
Desserts (Mondays to Fridays 2pm-8pm) - 3 different varieties
Quick Lunch - 6 different choice.
Backstage Specials (11am-6pm) - 2 types: Crab Linguine, Beer infused Spring Chicken
Chinese New Year Special - Yusheng 
Weekly Lunch Special Set (11am-2pm) - 3 types to choose. 

For Full Menu goto:!coffee--beverage/c1k1x!all-day-menu/czfo!weekday-quick-lunch/c1xxf!weekend-special/c104y

The Signatures 

Grilled Beef Burger S$16 - served with homemade beef patty laden with several types of dried herbs & spices, shaped into a 3 inch diameter, 1 inch thick patty, with Cheddar cheese, ham, tomato, lettuce, drizzled with BBQ sauce, served on a bun, with side rocket salad in vinegarette, French fries. 
Tasting Notes : Backstage Cafe Chef Chin uses minced Australian beef bought from Australia meat importer for this Signature beef burger, adds about 7 types of herbs & spices, grilled the beef patty to the desired doneness as per diner's order.  The beef patty is pretty thick about 1 inch thick with a diameter of about 3 inch, laden with generous dose of thyme, rosemary, marjoram, sage, garlic, onions, shallots that lends a rich aroma and flavor to the beef meat. The Cheddar cheese gives it a cheesy savor flavor, whilst the BBQ sauce adds a smoky taste to the meat. 

Yusheng S$18 S$28 S$38 - green radish, white radish, carrots julienned and layered into a tower, decorated with edible flowers between the layers, served with Norwegian smoked salmon, with accompanying 7 types of sauces & dressings. 

Pan seared Sea bass S$16 - flavored with herbs thyme, black pepper and served with mashed potatoes, homemade salsa in chili oil, rocket salad in balsamic vinegar.  
Tasting Notes : Generally sea bass has a earthy taste, Chef Chin uses herbs to flavor the sea bass so as to reduce the earthy taste. It is served atop mashed potatoes which is buttery creamy with a smooth consistency and a melt in your mouth feel. Chef Chin added a dash of chili oil into the salsa to give it an added spicy twist.  

Smoked Salmon Benedict S$15- two poached eggs placed on ham on a white rustic bread, served with Hollandaise sauce & Norwegian Smoked Salmon, with rocket salad in Balsamic vinegar as side. 
Tasting Notes : Chef Chin cooked the eggs over boiling water for a few minutes, sieve the eggs and serve them on top of ham on a white rustic bread with Norwegian smoked salmon and rocket salad in Balsamic vinegar. The Norwegian smoked salmon lends a smoky salty savoury flavor whilst the Hollandaise sauce lends a mildly sweet buttery creamy flavor to the runny poached eggs.  

Latte S$4.50 - housebrand brew with strong aroma, thick solid coffee flavour, low acidity. 

Pancakes with strawberries compote S$7- pancakes layered with macerated strawberries compote that adds a level of sweetness to the otherwise plain pancakes.  

The Promotion

Backstage Cafe is located at :
158 Kallang Way 
#01-06 Safekeep Building 
Singapore 349245 
Tel : 67436893
Opening Hours
Monday - Friday  11am - 6pm 
Saturday               10am - 9pm
Sunday                  Closed

River JOrdan and JOrdan being groovy on the disco floor !

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