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The Citrus House at The Central Mall 1 Magazine Road #01-01 - Birthday Cum Wedding Anniversary Celebration with Bob

The Occasion 

This is a much anticipated day for yours truly as Bob took leave this year specially to celebrate my birthday. My cravings for a good Duck Confit brought me to the facebook page of The Citrus House where I made a reservation for table for 2 with glee. 

The Duck Confit here at The Citrus House at The Central Mall, 1 Magazine Road, had left a pretty stark impression on me as I recounted the time when Co-Founder cum Executive Chef Tom Oh (formerly from Osahi, Pan Pacific Hotel, Marmalade Group, Dozo, Kitchenette Singapore, OChre) explains to me how he does the Duck Confit at The Citrus House. Here's Executive Chef Tom Oh (below).

The Ambience 
Not much has change since my last visit except that The Citrus House Founders have added some pretty kawaii stickers on the glass doors facing the road. 

Dessert Lovers must check out these selection of cakes displayed in the chiller beside the Barista Station. 

We are very thankful for the great service by the team here at The Citrus House - Serene & Jon. 

Robert Frost's famous quote maintains it position as the central piece on the wall facing the entrance door as a witty commentary to liven up your mood for the day:"There is one thing more exasperating than a wife who can cook and won't, and that's a wife who can't cook & will." 

Gone are the posters depicting the various Signatures at The Citrus House, in its place are multi color silhouette art pieces of classic icons amongst whom are : The Statue of Liberty, Audrey Hepburn, Campbell Soup, Archie's. 

Gone are the hanging lamp with semi-spherical opaque glass shades, in its place are these hanging spider light bulbs (below) that lends a rustic touch to the otherwise modern European theme. 

Right behind where Bob sits is this shelf where upon sits a good selection of Chardonnay & Merlot to pair with the Signature dishes. 

Right next to the Barista Counter is another section of dining area with square white table top paired with two seater metallic chairs for couples who needed a little privacy.  

The Promotions 
The Citrus House now has a All Day Value Meal Promotion (Mondays to Fridays only) :
The Coffee Meal 1, Meal 2, Meal 3, Meal 4 are priced  affordably at only S$6.90.
The Lunch Set comes priced at S$7.80 & S$12.80 only ! 
**The best part is that The Citrus House does not charge GST nor Service Charge. **

The Citrus House offers Brunch Special :
  • Salad of the Day + Egg & Beef Burger with Cheese Fries + Dessert of the Day at only S$18.80
  • French Toast with Mango Ice Cream + Black Currant at only S$12.80
  • Tiramisu with Green Tea Ice Cream at only S$6.80

The Citrus House offers S$14.80 Lunch Special :
Salad of the Day + Chicken Fillet with Pineapple Sauce or Fish Fillet with Pineapple Sauce + Dessert of the Day + Citrus Lemon Tea at only S$14.80

The Citrus House offers S$19.80 & S$25 All Day Special :
Signature Duck Confit + 1 Glass of Noblesse Merlot at only S$19.80
Soup of the Day with Grilled Free Range Chicken + Soup of the Day with Pullet Pork Burger at only S$25.00

The Menu
The Citrus House just revamp their new menu with various categories as per attached below :
  • All Day Breakfast 
  • Appetisers 
  • Salad Soup 
  • Mains
  • Asian Delights 
  • Desserts 
  • Drinks 
  • Weekends Breakfast Menu 
  • Kid's Menu 

Bob & I were delighted that The Citrus House Co-Founder Chef Tom Oh presented us with a complimentary Chef's Platter comprising of Crispy fried soft shelled crab on mashed potato, 

Norwegian Smoked Salmon with Caviar on Bruschetta, 

Crab meat with Tobiko on toast 

Thanks so much The Citrus House & Chef Tom Oh - we are very touched !

We both ordered the Wild Mushroom Soup - our favourite soup flavor! The mushroom soup at The Citrus House is indeed superb, the mushroom are well blended till smooth, the soup is thick, creamy and flavorful, I could taste the garlic, onion, herbs used in this soup. 

Bob travels a fair bit whilst I hardly travel. Whenever he travels to France, he'd always order the Duck Confit since he couldn't read French and most times couldn't understand the menu in French. So Duck Confit is his best bet always. As for yours truly, I am pretty much a chicken & fish person. The only duck I eat on normal days are the Chinese roast duck, or the Teochew braised duck during Chinese New Year. 

But the Duck Confit at The Citrus House really bowled me over with its crispy fragrant skin and its tender juicy meat that tears off the bone easily. Chef Tom Oh served this dish with baked baby Russet potatoes, sous vide vegetables, and a generous dose of the special sauce - the taste comes out strongly as mustard with a tinge of sweetness. The sauce paired extremely well with the Duck Confit. We both enjoyed savouring it. 

Just to let you folks in on the special sauce: Chef Tom Oh makes the winning special sauce using L & P Worchester sauce, with added butter, full cream, black pepper crush, that lends a sprite of spiciness sourly sweetness with a tinge of wasabish mustard flavor. He prepares the special sauce ready for use in this dish daily. Note that the vegetables are done sous vide style in the circulator for 20 minutes at 50 degrees Celsius. The baby potatoes are baked at 160 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes that gives a crispy skin. Overall this dish is a must have comfort food for one who desires a crispy skin and tender meat in a Duck Confit. 

The last course was the dessert - Chocolate Molten Lava cake with Vanilla Ice-Cream. To date I have savoured many a chocolate lava cake served by many restaurants: Wave House Sentosa, Morganfield's at The Star Vista, Wine Connection at The Cuppage Terrace, Mad Jack Cafe at Parkway Parade and this chocolate molten lava cake served at The Citrus House tastes just as great as the rest.  There's no real yardstick to measure or rank which is the best. IMHO, a really good molten chocolate lava cake must be really rich in the outer spongy layer, with a thick gluey lava like consistency of the dark chocolate oozing out as you cut the lava cake. It helps if you use really good quality vanilla ice-cream. I personally would love to have macadamia ice-cream to pair with my chocolate molten lava cake. 

The Citrus House is located at :
1 Magazine Road, 
#01-06/07, The Central Mall, 
Singapore 059567
Tel : 65363877
Email :

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