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Chicken Wok at 5 Jalan Legundi - The Ambience The Menu The Chef The Signatures

The Ambience 
Chicken Wok opens at 5 Jalan Legundi in June 2014, with Signatures : Soya Sauce Chicken, Pork Ribs, Sambal Stingray, Sambal Sotong. Displayed prominently on the left side of the entrance is a large mural painting of a Cockerel silhouette followed by the Chicken Wok Brand in English & Mandarin. 
The decor is modern minimalist, with about 20 rectangle tables with black table top paired with wooden black stools that spans the entire air con restaurant making up about seating capacity of close to 80 pax. 

The Billboard outside the restaurant pretty much sums up the Signatures served by the restaurant :
  • Roast Chicken
  • Soya Herbal Chicken**
  • BBQ King Prawns with Sambal
  • BBQ Black Pomfret with Sambal
  • BBQ Stingray with Sambal**
  • BBQ Sotong with Sambal
  • BBQ Cockles with Sambal
  • Sambal Lala
  • Honey Pork Ribs**
  • Prawn Roll
  • Fried Intestine with Chicken feet
  • Stir fry Prawn with Tofu 
  • Stir fry Tofu with Salted fish 
  • Stir fry Kangkong with Cuttlefish**
(Note : ** depicts those I have tried tested & approved)

The Chicken Wok Menu 
There are about 5 Categories in the menu:
  • Soya Herbal Chicken 
  • Roast Chicken
  • BBQ Seafood 
  • Chef's Recommendation
  • Beverage

Ordering is done by using Ordering Forms at each table top, diners fill in their orders, Table Number, pass it to the service staff who keys in the order into the POS system, then pass the order to the kitchen where the food are cooked ala minute. 

Chefs in Action 
The kitchen is the battlefield for about 3-4 chefs, churning out delectable home styled Chinese Asian Cuisine. 

The Executive Chef 
The Chicken Wok Kitchen is helmed by  Executive Chef  Chan Beng Seng, age 58 who brings with him close to 40 years experience in Asian, Chinese Cuisine. Chef Chan used to helm the kitchen at Sin Leong for 8 years, Prince Restaurant for 5 to 6 years, Kian Seng Restaurant for 8 years, Singapura Seafood Restaurant for 11 years, Ubin Seafood Kitchen at Joo Chiat for close to 2 years. He was also Culinary Instructor at Chef Cooking Studio (formerly at Chinatown, currently at Jalan Sultan) for 2 years.

Bob & yours truly together with Stanley & G2 made a trip down to Chicken Wok to try out their Signature dishes on a Saturday evening for dinner. Here's a sneak peek at what we savor :

Honey Pork Ribs at S$2.50 per piece - the ribs are cooked thoroughly with a distinctive sweet savory flavor due to the honey, herbs that Chef Chan use to marinate the ribs, and pairs very well with the plum sauce he served them in.  

BBQ Sotong with Sambal at S$8.00 - The sotong stir fried with eggs & sambal chili sauce & garnish with fresh cut shallots is served on a hotplate.
Chef Chan's recipe for the chili paste is pretty much uniform for most of his sambal dishes, and has an intense flavor due to the combination of rich spices he used : shallots, garlic, onions, fresh chili, dried chili, tumeric, galangal, hae bee (dried shrimp).

Stir fry Sambal Kangkong with cuttlefish at S$8.00 (large) - this dish has a unique tinge of curry flavor as an after taste. My guess is that Chef Chan could have added a dash of curry powder to this stir fry dish that lends an appetising bite to the vegetables.

Soya Herbal Chicken at S$14 (half a chicken) - I strongly prefer the soya sauce chicken over the roasted chicken as I love the soya herbal sauce used to marinate & braised the chicken in. The chicken meat is tender & springy, the skin silky smooth & paired very well with the in house chili sauce.

BBQ Stingray with Sambal at S$10.00 - Chef Chan use fresh stingray & grilled it till well done. He drizzled a fair amount of the in house sambal chili paste on the stingray to serve. I love the spicy chili paste used in this dish, full of generous dose of other spices : garlic shallots onions, tumeric, chili & galangal. 

Besides the above, Chicken Wok serves up a great tasting Sambal Lala (Clams). 

Chicken Wok is located at :
5 Jalan Legundi Road 
Singapore 759269
Tel : 67553889

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