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Hog's Breath Cafe at Chjimes - The Sous Chef Irene Sarmiento The Menu The Signature Desserts

The Sous Chef 
Chef Irene Tejada Sarmiento 

The Menu 

Hog's Breath Cafe Set Lunch Specials Menu 

Mississippi Mud Cake at S$12.95 - made using the traditional recipe since 1989 when Hog's Breath Cafe first started. 
Core Ingredients - Plain flour, Self raising flour, Cadbury Chocolate powder, button chocolate, 500ml Whisky, 1000ml water, 1kg SCS unsalted butter, 
How it is prepared - Chef Irene uses plain flour, self-raising flour, Cadbury Chocolate powder, button chocolate, 500ml Whisky, 1000ml water, 1kg SCS unsalted butter. She mix the chocolate, butter & 1.8 kg sugar, milk & water, steam like steam water, on top is the chocolate, sugar, whisky, water. When the sugar has melted, it is time to prepare the plain flour, self raising flour, chocolate powder, mix them together, & prepare 8 eggs. When the chocolate has melted & cooled down, you can then add the flour & eggs & whisk. Prepare the baking pan by brushing the base with butter,  then pour the entire mix into the pan. Bake for 45mins then turn the pan bake for further 1 hr, total bake time is 1 hour 45 mins. The portion can serve about 12 pax, the Mississippi Mud Cake is serve with Vanilla Ice cream, whipped cream, strawberry & Chocolate syrup.
Tasting Notes - This mud cake is made of Cadbury chocolate bits baked in a tray, the mud cake texture is cake-like & reminds me of a moist dense version of chocolate brownie. I am certain many devout Chocolate lovers will find this a great bite. The mud cake is chewy, chocolatety, sweet, moist & pairs perfectly well with the vanilla ice cream. 

Apple Crumble at S$12.95 - home style apple crumble served with a deliciously smooth caramel sauce topped with cream & ice cream.
How it is prepared - Chef Irene uses fresh green apples, peels them, sliced them into thin slices & soak them in room temperature water for 5 minutes, drain away the water & set aside for use later. Chef Irene prepares the mixture of Cinnamon powder, brown sugar, Vanilla essence. She melts the butter & adds the brown sugar, Cinnamon powder, Vanilla essence & sliced green apples, cook for about 2 minutes to form the curd, then set aside to cool down. To prepare the crumble, Chef Irene uses plain flour, self raising flour & white sugar, she first melts 2 bars of butter, then stir in the flour & sugar & adds the curd. Chef Irene layers the base with the crumble, then adds half an inch of apple slices then tops the layer with the crumble. She freezes the apple crumble for 12 hours being it is ready to serve. **Chef's Tip pf The Day**- To make the caramel sauce, Chef Irene uses condensed milk, & UHT milk. She place the can of condensed milk into water bath, then placed in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 5 hours, till it becomes sticky, to it is added the UHT milk to form the caramel sauce. Usually Chef Irene prepares batch of 5-6 cans of condensed milk at any one time. To serve Chef Irene simply adds a scoop of vanilla ice cream & whipped cream to the apple crumble & drizzle with the caramel sauce. 
Tasting Notes - This is a non bake apple crumble made using apple, cinnamon, flour, chilled in the chiller to set its shape. The apple crumble is served with vanilla ice cream & whipped cream & topped with macerated julienned strawberry. You can see slices of green apple, distinctive taste of the Cinnamon. The crumble is made from butter, flour & sugar mashed into bits. It is made with base layer of apple & top with the crumble. This dessert goes very well with vanilla ice cream. The home made Caramel sauce tastes superbly sweet. There is a distinct apple, Cinnamon flavor in this dessert. 

Hog's Breath Cafe Singapore (Chjimes) is located at : 
30 Victoria Street, Chjimes, #01-26/27,
Singapore 187996
Tel : 63381387
Email :
Opening Hours : 11.30 am to 1am 

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