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Sari Ratu Restaurant at 20 Pahang Street - The Ownership The Ambience The Signatures

The Ownership 
Sari Ratu Restaurant, Singapore at 20 Pahang Street, Singapore 198617, serves a delectable spread of authentic Indonesian Nasi Padang style cuisine that originated from West Sumatra, Indonesia. Sari Ratu Restaurant, Singapore is owned by Mr Mohd Ali (below) and the Sari Ratu Restaurant brand was established since 1982, with a wealth of history of close to 32 years. 

Sari Ratu Restaurant, Singapore is part of the chain of restaurants under the Sari Ratu Brand that originated from Indonesia and boasts of total of more than 29 outlets in the SE Asia region, having started since 1982, made its debut in Singapore in 2012 with its first outlet opened in Singapore in 2012. 

The Ambience 
Located at 20 Pahang Street, Sari Ratu Restaurant offers air-con seating capacity of about 40 pax, al fresco seating of about 20 pax.

Proudly displayed at the entrance as well as on the wall of the restaurant are some of the media write-up on the restaurant & its origins. 

Visited Sari Ratu on a busy Sunday afternoon for lunch with Bob & my dear MIL & SIL Grace, and we were pretty overwhelmed by the crowd that congregate there. It took us a pretty 20 mins before a table was freed out for us to take a seat indoors. 

Shirley is the beautiful Manager in charge of operations at this outlet. 

Neatly displayed on the wall in the air con dining area beside the Payment Counter are more media write-ups on Sari Ratu Restaurant, Singapore.

Besides the food, what equally bemuses me are these hanging lamps that gave the dining area a comfortable cozy glow. 

Sari Ratu Restaurant Menu 
There are 5 main Categories :
  • Chicken/Ayam
  • Meat/Daging 
  • Fish/Ikan
  • Vegetables/Sayur
  • Side Dish/Sampingan

The Signature Food 
These rich spread of authentic Indonesian Nasi Padang with West Sumatra influences attracts hungry diners like bees to honey. 

Here's our delightful bounty: 
Top row: Sayur Lodeh, Gulai Ayam, Daging Rendang
Second Row: Pergedel, Tahu, Telur Dadar

Sari Ratu Restaurant Singapore is located at:
20 Pahang Street
Singapore 198617
Tel : 62949983
Opening Hours : 10am to 10pm daily 

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