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One Rochester UNA at 1 Rochester Park S(139212) - Executive Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno & the Making of Scallops with Ham & Ox Cheek

One Rochester UNA Full Menu 

Scallops la Plancha, Veal Cheek & Iberico crisps at S$24 per serving - Pan-seared fresh dive-fished Scallops from Scotland with Ox Cheeks from France braised in red wine & 36 month old aged Ham Iberico.

This dish is served under the Menu - Hot Tapas Category at One Rochester-UNA's kitchen currently helmed by Celebrity Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno  and is made using the following Core Ingredients Fresh dive-fished scallops from Scotland, 36 month old aged Iberico Jamon Serrano ham from Spain, Ox cheeks braised in red wine (veal from France), mint leaves (to garnish). The fresh dive-fished scallop comes from Scotland once or twice a week delivered fresh to the kitchen here at One Rochester UNA, complete with their shells. The veal comes from France. 
(**Footnote : Since late 1960s divers have dive fished king scallops in Scotland. The dive-fished scallop is one of the best quality most responsibly fished shellfish sourced in Scottish waters, where divers select the scallops by hands, leaving the seabed intact. **) 

How it is prepared - The ox cheek is first marinated for 24 hours in red wine Cavalier Sauvignon, then pan-fried, and to it is added some beef stock, then braised in red wine slowly for 3 to 4 hours till it is fully infused with the red wine beef stock, then they are shaped & cubed. The ox cheeks are prepared a few days before the actual serve day.
To make the celeriac mash Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno cook the celeriac with milk & then blend it to give a smooth texture. 

The Iberico ham aged at 36 months old, is sliced thinly and pan fried till crisp. The fresh Scottish scallops are pan-seared till they are firm outside & yet tender in the middle. The juice from the braising of the ox cheeks are used to make the sauce. 

Tasting Notes This is a very rustic dish with a strong flavor - a mix of seafood flavor with firmness from the scallops, savory crispiness from the Iberico Ham that paired very well with the savoury tender sweetness from the ox cheeks, topping it all is the celeriac mash with its creamy smooth texture that makes this dish truly unforgettable!!  

Step 1 - Executive Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno selects the fresh scallops for use in this dish. 

Step 2 - Executive Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno adds a dash of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) & some crushed black pepper to the fresh scallops. 

Step 3 - Executive Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno carves the Iberico Jamon Serrano ham on the cutter, & warms up the ox cheeks in red wine sauce in the warmer for use in this dish. 

Step 4 - Executive Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno pan-sears the 36 month old aged Iberico Jamon Serrano ham till they are crisp, then he harvests them and set them aside to be used later in the plating. 

Step 5 - Executive Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno pan-sears the fresh scallops. 

Step 6 - Executive Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno adds a dash of the olive oil to the fresh scallops, grilling them till they are medium well.

Step 7 - Executive Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno presenting the scallops & ox cheek on the plate.

Step 8 - Executive Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno adding the red wine sauce to the ox cheek. 

Step 9 - Executive Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno putting finishing touches to the dish by adding the ham to the scallops. 

Step 10 - Executive Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno presenting the Signature Pan Seared Scallops with Ham & Ox Cheek.

One Rochester - UNA is located at :
1 Rochester Park, S(139212)
Tel : 67730070
Email : una@onerochester.com

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