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One Rochester UNA at 1 Rochester Park S(139212) - Celebrity Executive Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno

The Chef and his restaurant One Rochester UNA at 1 Rochester Park, S(139212)
Executive Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno, 42, is the Celebrity Chef at One Rochester UNA, leading his culinary team to bring authentic Italian, French, Spanish, European Cuisine to the table for expats and locals alike here in Singapore. He brings with him an enormous wealth of experience in the culinary field, having worked at many of the world’s renowned award-winning restaurants. 

The 1-Rochester Group headed by Executive Managing Director Joseph Ong, is Singapore's well known lifestyle dining group with 8 main strategic business units managed by different professional managers that span across business areas such as : dining, patisserie, weddings, events, brunch, lunch, viewing gallery, gastrobar. 1-Rochester Group currently owns & operates 4 concepts : One Rochester UNA, 1-TwentySix, 1-Caramel, 1-Altitude.

Before Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno came onboard to helm UNA, he was the Celebrity Executive Chef at Bomba Paella Bar at 38 Martin Road before its exit in Singapore in Jan 2014. 

The spark that ignites the culinary passion
42 year-old Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno is of Spanish-Italian descent, his mother being Spanish, whilst his dad is Italian. He was born in Marseilles, South of France and grew up in France. 

His eldest sister who is a Chef, owns and operates a restaurant in the French Alps, France when he was just 14 years old. One summer, he helped out at her restaurant, this stint left such a memorable experience that he grew to love working there. 

In fact many of his family members work in the hospitality, food and beverage industry. Apart from his eldest sister being in the hospitality industry, Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno's second sister has her own family business making goat's cheese. His brother works in the prawn and lobster industry, whilst his German wife works in The Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore. His culinary techniques and styles are influenced largely by his Spanish, Italian roots (although more of Spanish) as well as his country of birth, his childhood and growing up home country in Marseilles, South of France. 

His Culinary Training 
For his culinary training, he went to Bon Vin in Marseilles, France just like his eldest sister, and trained for 2 years there, during which he spent one week at school and 3 weeks at the restaurant, before finally graduating with his Diploma

The Beginnings of His Culinary Journey 
He worked for a year in France, after which he moved to London. For the first 2 years in London, he worked in small restaurants to learn the language. 

The big break came when he was employed as Chef de Partie by Chef Owner Nico Ladenis, (a self taught Tanzanian born Chef of Greek descent)

at Chez Nico, a Three Star Michelin restaurant in Park Lane, and spent a good two years in Park Lane. He then went on to become Head Chef at Nico Central at Great Portland Street, as well as at Simply Nico in Pimlico, London for a good 10 years. 

In 2003 Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno teamed up with renowned restaurateurs Sam and Eddie Hart, opening Spanish tapas restaurant Fino in London to great critical acclaim. 
Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno played a key role as Head Chef at Barrafina Spanish Tapas Restaurant and Bar in London. He spearheaded the  conceptualization of the first menu at Barrafina, one of the top most recognized institutions for Spanish tapas. Following the success at Barrafina, Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno moved on to head Quo Vadis restaurant in London, which was named one of the top 100 UK restaurants in the 2012 National Restaurant Awards. 

In 2008 he helped Sam and Eddie Hart re-open Quo Vadis (founded in 1926, in Latin meaning "Where art you going?"), located in SOHO, London, which was named one of the Top 15 restaurants in the UK in 2012. Chef Jean-Philippe Patrunhelm Quo Vadis as Head Chef for 4 years before leaving in Dec 2011 to join D & D London's St James restaurant Quaglino's as its Executive Head Chef. 

Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno has once again ignite the love of Spanish Cuisine among foodies here with the opening of Bomba Paella Bar at 38 Martin Road in Oct 2012, having received great reviews from locals and expat alike for its strict emphasis on serving authentic Spanish cuisine made with traditional Spanish recipes. 

Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno had been specializing in Spanish Cuisine for the past ten years, but also serve modern European, modern English Cuisines during these ten years. He likes using good quality, fresh ingredients in his culinary practice, and do not like to use too many ingredients at one time in order not to confuse the palates of diners, instead choosing to use only a few to tantalize the taste-buds of his audience. Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno emphasizes on preserving the pure flavor of the ingredients. By using perfect ingredients he want them to shine.

Role Model in his Culinary Career 
He counts Chef Nico Ladenis from 3 Star Michelin restaurant Chez Nico as his role model, whose emphasis on using good ingredients and not tweaking the recipes too much has made a major impact on Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno's culinary practice. Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno loves the fraternity spirit among the chefs who worked there. This is also where he learnt good working habits : respectful of seniors, being punctual, etc.

Understanding his customers 
Whilst working in London, Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno does sometimes tweaks some traditional Spanish recipes in London to adapt to the local palate. In Singapore, he uses less salt in his meat dishes, and adjusts his recipe to make the dish more sweet. Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno uses more traditional kitchen equipments, and prefers to use sous cooking style.  

His Italian dad passed away when he was age 11 so he is more closer to his mum's maternal family circle, not to his dad's side of the family, so is more geared towards Spanish cuisine. Having grown up in the South of France with his Spanish mother and Italian father, Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno has great affinity with Spanish cuisine and expert precision in sourcing for the best raw ingredients.  

Till he was age 28 Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno always do French food, Italian food. When he went to Spain for 3 months he began doing Spanish Cuisine and grew to love it. 

His latest update on his culinary journey 
In mid Jan 2014 Bomba Paella Bar ended their lease at 38 Martin Road and the restaurant closed with the owners exiting the Singapore F&B scene. 

In March 2014, Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno teams up with restaurateur Joseph Ong of 1-Altitude to helm the kitchen at UNA at One Rochester. Mr Joseph Ong, 42, is the Managing Director of 1-Rochester Group, which runs high-end restaurant Stellar at 1-Altitude, club and lounge Altimate, and bar 1-Altitude. Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno welcomes all to come dine at UNA ( located at One Rochester ) and appreciate his choice selection of Italian, French, Spanish & European Cuisine. 

Throughout his culinary career, Chef Jean-Phillippe Patruno has worked with sous chefs from various countries such as Greece, Russia. His 6 sous Chefs : 2 in Italy, 1 in London, 2 in Brazil, 1 in Cambodia, 1 in Vietnam, whom all worked with him in London, are currently all owning their own restaurant. He takes great delight in sharing what he knows with other younger chefs, and takes pride to see them grow to own their own restaurant. 

He contributed some of his own recipes to the publication of two books written by Fino's Owner Sam Hart on Modern Spanish Cooking, and Barrafina. 
He has plans to author his own book under his own name and publish it in future. Currently he teaches at Shemay Cooking School in Singapore. 

Inspiration for new creations
In his spare time, Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno visits other restaurants for inspiration on creating new dishes. An avid reader, he owns an extensive library of close to 300 to 400 culinary books featuring various cuisines, be it Japanese, French, Italian, etc. He loves going to the fresh produce market, smell the fresh produce to discover something through his senses and gets his inspiration for new recipes.  

One Rochester - UNA is located at :
1 Rochester Park, S(139212)
Tel : 67730070
Email :

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