Monday, December 1, 2014

One Rochester UNA at 1 Rochester Park S(139212) - Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno's Signature Dessert Churros & Chocolat at S$12 per serving

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According to Celebrity Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno, Churros con Chocolat is one of the traditional breakfast must have staple dish in every Spanish household every morning. It is basically a Spanish donut. It can also be served at the end of a meal as well as a dessert dish.

How it is prepared : The Churros is made using dough made from core ingredients : milk, flour, egg. The dough is placed in a piping bag, and the Churros made in the desired shape, then deep fried for 2-3 minutes, then rolled in sugar and cinnamon to coat the outer layer. To make the Churros a little softer, you can fried it less than 3 mins. To serve , just dip in dark chocolate. Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno uses pure dark chocolate, melted, 70% cocoa so it taste slightly bitter. This is a perfect dish for breakfast, served piping hot with the melted dark chocolate.

Food Tasting Notes : The Churros on its own tastes eggy, sweet, is soft at the centre, crispy on the outside. When you dip the Churros into the dark chocolate, the melted chocolate embeds the Churros to lend it a thick chocolaty flavor.

One Rochester - UNA is located at :
1 Rochester Park, S(139212)
Tel : 67730070
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