Saturday, March 7, 2015

Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe at 115 Aljunied Ave 2 #01-35 S(380115) - Signature Mango Salad Isan Style with Fermented Fish & Crab at S$8

This is the Signature Mango Salad Isan style with fermented fish & crab at S$8 per serving prepared by Chef Boonpeng Meedee at Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe located at 115, Aljunied Avenue 2.

Core Ingredients used - Fermented fish, fermented salty whole crab from rice padi field (these are fermented with salt & rice bran for a couple of week to a month), raw mango julienned, Thai grade fish sauce, lime, chili padi, palm sugar.

Footnote (**Source from Wikipedia)
Pla ra (Thai: ปลาร้า  [plaː ráː], Lao: ປາແດກ) is fermented fish sauce, popular in Isan, Northeastern Thai cuisine.  It is made by pickling several varieties of fish, mainly Snakehead Murrel (Channa striata). The fish is cleaned and cut into pieces, after which it is mixed with salt and rice bran. The whole is then left in a big jar covered with a wooden lid, to ferment for three months to a year.  Pla ra sauce is commonly added to a number of preparations of Isan, Northeastern Thai, cuisine, such as som tam and certain types of nam phrik. 

Tasting Notes - This dish has a strong MSG due to the Thai Grade fish sauce used, coupled with an intense salty citrus flavor, added with a tinge of vinegary sourly flavor due to the lime, & a sprightly after-taste of spiciness due to the chili padi used, somewhat resembles flavor of Chinchalok-like, belachan-like flavor. 

Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe is located at :
115 Aljunied Ave 2 #01-35, 
Singapore 380115
Tel : 67478558
Opening Hours - 11am to 12 am 

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