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31 Bar & Kitchen at 31 Keong Saik Road S(089138) - The Founder André Rannaud

31 Bar & Kitchen is co-founded by André Rannaud, 45, from Lyon, France. An F&B veteran with  27 years' experience, André has been active in the F&B industry, having stayed in Singapore for the past 15 years. Together with Franck Herbaux [MD of Estima Consulting (S) Pte Ltd], Daphane Wang & Fabien Giordano, André Rannaud started 31 Bar & Kitchen in April 2014 after closure of Provence Le Restaurant. 
Estima Gourmet Pte Ltd is the current holding company of 31 Bar & Kitchen -  a French Gastrobar with Singapore influence & serves mainly Modern International Cuisine with Asian spices. The kitchen is helmed by Executive Chef Tan Chee Leong who brings with him more than 23 years' culinary experience.  

The Signature Mains at 31 Bar & Kitchen include: Chili Crab Puff, Mango Prawn Ceviche, Grass Fed Australian Beef Ribeye (550gm), Foie Gras Toast, Grilled Wagyu Skewers, Char Siew Arancini, Whole Squid Grilled & Aioli Sauce. 

The Signature Desserts include : Crème Brulee, Home made Tiramisu. 31 Bar & Kitchen serves a comprehensive selection of wines from renowned wine producers who practice organic & biodynamic viticulture in France, Italy, Spain, Australia.

The Beginning 
André Rannaud started 31 Bar & Kitchen at 31 Keong Saik Road about 5 months ago in April 2014 after closing down Provence Le Restaurant. He wanted this newly established brand "31 Bar & Kitchen" to have a new concept as a French Gastrobar instead of full-fledged French Restaurant. 

31 Bar & Kitchen is a French Gastrobar André Rannaud founded with his best friend Franck Herbaux [MD of Estima Consulting (S) Pte Ltd] as well as two other partners Daphane Wang & Fabien Giordano, to provide Modern International Cuisine with Asian influences, paired with great wines in a casual relaxing atmosphere.
31 Bar & Kitchen is positioned as a French Gastrobar with a tinge of Singaporean influence. The revenue projection from wine vs food is about 50 : 50. 31 Bar Kitchen is a new brand developed by André Rannaud & is not yet trademarked.

Background of Founder 
André Rannaud, 45, is a veteran with a record of 27 years in the F&B industry. André Rannaud comes from France, Lyon & is the only one in the family who is in the F&B industry. André Rannaud did 2 diplomas at a small school in France called Le Petit Punia, which comprises of first year Travel Services, & in the second year, he studied Kitchen Services. After graduation from the hospitality school, he spent a good 10 years working in brasseries & Michelin stars restaurants in Lyon before deciding to look for opportunities in Asia.

He came to Singapore 15 years ago, in the year 2000, & started work in Gordon's Grill. Soon he left to join Culina, & was placed in charge of Culina in Dempsey Road. Thereafter he set up Provence Le Restaurant but close it in 2014. Together with 3 other friends he set up 31 Bar & Kitchen in April 2014.
The Ownership 
Currently there are total 4 partners. The Holding company is Estima Gourmet Pte Ltd. The other partners are : Franck Herbaux [MD of Estima Consulting (S) Pte Ltd] as well as two other partners Daphane Wang & Fabien Giordano, who is based in Melbourne. Currently this is the only brand he is managing now
Expansion Plan for 31 Bar & Kitchen 
Since this French Gastrobar concept is easily replicated, André Rannaud intends to open more outlets in Singapore with the same brand name, maybe in other overseas countries as well, but not as a franchising arrangement. 
Menu Planning 
Currently Menu planning is handled by Chef Tan Chee Leong & André Rannaud, with a few special dishes added on every 2 weeks. André Rannaud also plans to hold Wine Dinners, Wine Tasting Nights, BBQ Nights as part of the ongoing activities to draw new customers & reward loyal patrons. To date there are a total of about 26 items in 5 Categories on the Food Menu 2015 with 10 Starters & Nibbles, 4 Side Dishes, 2 Platters, 6 Mains, 4 Desserts. The kitchen is helmed by Executive Chef Tan Chee Leong. There is no central kitchen, all kitchen preparation work is done here at 31 Keong Saik Road. 

31 Bar & Kitchen stands out from other Gastrobars by -  
  • having a small lean team who can multi-task, are resourceful, possess great team spirit, this small team enables them to have more interaction with customers on a personal level.
  • the kitchen's Executive Chef try his best to satisfy customers with special dish request not found not on the 31 Bar & Kitchen menu 2015.
31 Bar & Kitchen Menu 2015 
Restaurant Facts 
  • Payment - is made available via VISA, AMEX, Cash.
  • Catering - is not available yet.
  • Takeaway Service - is available, minus service charge.
  • Booking of Events for private parties - is available.
  • Delivery Vendor - No collaborations yet with anyone.
  • Loyalty Program - applicable to Birthday boys/girls who will receive a complimentary dessert. 
  • Promotion with Banks - Not available yet. 
  • Theme Merchandise on sale - Not available yet.
  • Target Market - are people who want to relax, enjoy good food, good wine, PMEB, families, local versus expatriates patronage is at ratio of 50 :50.
  • Seating  Capacity is - 45 pax + 5 al fresco

The Signature Dishes at 31 Bar & Kitchen 
  • Home made Chili Crab Puff - uses fresh live crabs from local market.
  • Lamb from NZ
  • Grilled Squid
  • Tiger Prawn & Mango Ceviche 

The recipes at 31 Bar & Kitchen boasts of influences from France & Asia, and is equipped with a great selection of wines from Spain, France, Italy, Australia. The fact that experienced & great chefs around here do patronise 31 Bar & Kitchen speaks very much of the calibre of the Chef, the standard of the cuisine served. Bravo !

31 Bar & Kitchen is located at :
31 Keong Saik Road, Singapore (089138)
Tel : 62249141
Email :
Opening Hours :
Mondays to Saturdays 3pm till 1am 
Sunday Closed 

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