Friday, May 29, 2015

Ban Heng Restaurant at Harbourfront Centre #04-01 S(099253) - Dad's 90th Birthday Celebration with the clan on 23 May 2015

Dad's got his wish for a lifetime. His requirement to Grouch Two for his 90th Birthday Celebration -Roasted Suckling Pig on the Birthday dinner table. 

The Occasion - Dad's 90th Birthday Celebration 

The Restaurant - Ban Heng Restaurant 

The Venue - Harbourfront #04-28 

The Date - 23 May 2015 Saturday 
(his actual day is 22 May 2015.)
Grouch Two organised & planned this Birthday celebration, reserved 3 tables & invited relatives & Dad's godson Chua Chong & his clan to join us on this special celebration. 

Birthday Dinner Menu 
Each table costs about S$600++. Total bill for the evening came to be S$1820.00

The Starter Dish 
Here is the first dish that arrived at the dinner table - Longevity Buns. The Birthday Boy could not contain his happiness, & was all smiles.

The Soup 
The next dish was the Shark's Fin Soup. A good dose of the superior soup broth, with bits of crab meat interspersed in the soup, and some few strands of shark's fin in between. Tasty & savoury & pairs well with the dark vinegar & white pepper.

The First Main Course
This is the Braised Duck meat with Tofu. Key ingredient in marination of this duck is the five spice powder, The duck has been marinated well, then braised for hours with the meat fully infused with the flavors of the braised sauce to lend a tender succulent juicy moist savoury fragrant bite. 

The Second Main Course 
This is the Roast Suckling Pig the birthday boy has specially requested for. The skin is roasted till shiny crisp and has a crunchy bite to it. 

Some of the happy people who were present to celebrate with the Birthday Boy. 

The Third Main Course 
The Hong Kong Styled Steamed Seabass is of large size with succulent sweet fresh juicy meat steamed just right.

The Fourth Main Dish
This is the Scallops with Large Prawns & Broccoli served in a basket. 

The Fifth Main Dish 
This is the Baby Abalone with Mushrooms & Spinach - the Baby abalones are really mini and goes down with simply one bite. The large mushrooms are braised & infused with the soup stock to lend a savory chewy bite. 

The Sixth Dish 
The three Sri Lankan Crabs are uniformly coated with the crushed Black Peppercorns to lend an intense peppery flavor to the crab meat. Deliciously sweet, fresh, peppery spicy, savory flavor that is unforgettable.

The Birthday Cake 
Ian ordered the Birthday cake (*below) with the numbers 9 and 0 to depict Dad's Lunar age.

Dad posing with his Birthday cake before the candles are lit. 

Dad posing with the grand kid, god-grandkids & god-great grandkid. 
Dad posing with his family.

Dad clapping to the tune of the Happy Birthday song. 

Dad stands up after the Birthday anthem is complete, to blow out his candles.

Dad getting ready to hold the knife to cut his cake.

Grandson helps Dad cut his cake.
Ban Heng @Harbourfront is located at : 
1 Maritime Square  
#04-01 HarbourFront Centre  
Singapore 099253  
Nearest MRT - Harbourfront 
Business Opening Hours :
Lunch - 11:30am - 2:30pm  
Dinner - 6:00pm – 10:00pm

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