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Elyon Cakes at 126 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-202 S(150126) - The Founders Part II

The Staff at Elyon Cakes 
Currently besides the two Founding Pastry Chefs Anne & Magdeline Chin, they have a Manager who manage the cafe as well as their Peranakan Teochew Mum Mrs Chin who chips in to help at Elyon Cakes. On busy periods the Founders bring in their regular part-time staff to help. Usually part-timers prepare those muffins with simple recipes, whilst Anne & Magdeline Chin handle those with more complex recipes.  Magdeline Chin is the Executive Pastry Chef. The central kitchen at 126 Bukit Merah Lane 1 is the place where all preparation work is done. 

Food Ingredients

  • Founders Anne & Magdeline Chin use a number of local suppliers such as Phoon Huat. 
  • They use real tea leaves (Earl Grey) from Akbar, in their cookies recipe which they infused into the cookies. 
  • Their chocolates & cocoa are from Belgian. 
  • They have a Signature Fusion cake called the Nonya Pandan Gula Melaka where the Gula Melaka is purchased from Malacca & has a more robust quality & a stronger flavor. They uses fresh coconut in the recipe. The sisters usually make a trip to Malacca to buy the Gula Melaka. They have a few regular testers among their customers to test new flavors before they launch any new cakes. 
  • The bread used in the sandwich comes from their supplier's bakery. 

Slogan & Mission Statement 
"Cake that Warms the Heart" - Because Peranakan homes are always about the family so the Founders wanted to serve cakes & food that can warm the hearts of their customers.

Elyon Cakes Differ from Other Cafes 

  • The Founders do customisation of the cakes to suit the customers preferences for design, color, shape, flavors. 
  • Elyon Cakes empower customers where the customers have the liberty to customise their own cake flavors - they can choose the shape & body of the cake, the dress for the cake to wear, etc. They will ask the customer how many people are eating the cake, then give advice to the customer on what size to buy, all these with value added personal touch service. 
  • In addition to a personal touch, the Founders bless a small cupcake to the birthday girl / boy when they placed an order for a birthday cake. 

Fun Facts of Elyon Cakes 
  • Payment - Preferably by Cash. 
  • Catering - available for Weddings (in form of Whole cake & cupcakes), for Company functions (in form of sandwiches, muffins, sliced cakes, pastries, brownies, cookies, drinks such as orange juice & soya bean).
  • Booking of venue for private events - available but for small group gatherings only from 15pax. 
  • Takeaways - available in form of whole cakes, muffins, cupcakes, tarts, sliced cakes, pastries.
  • Breakfast Set & Tea Set - available for dine-in.
  • Promotion with Banks - not available yet.
  • Loyalty Program - Elyon Cakes used to issue Loyalty Cards where customers spend every $20 to get a stamp, & accumulate stamps to get rewards such as free tea, free 6 cupcakes. But has since stop issuing the Loyalty Cards.
  • Discounts - Elyon Cakes offer Discount 5% for Students for any amount purchase. 
  • Cupcake Special Days - where special flavors are priced at special rates e.g. Red velvet cupcake day priced at $3 per cupcake. 
  • Elyon Cake Gift Vouchers - available mainly for Baby showers initially, but now applies as Gift vouchers to be given away. 
  • Merchandise on sale - Not available yet.
  • Target Market - all age groups, more ladies than men in the cafe-hopping scene.
  • Seating Capacity - Max 8 pax indoors,  3 to 4 pax outdoors.
  • Signature Cakes  - Red Velvet cupcake where they use cream cheese for the frosting that goes perfectly well with the red velvet sponge layer. Salted Caramel Cake - where they cook the caramel sauce from scratch, using sugar & cream as core ingredients. The Founders blend the salted caramel into the cream frosting itself, in addition to added the salted caramel syrup into the actual cake thereby enable customer to enjoy fair amount of the salted caramel. 
  • Signature Tart - Blueberry Cheese tarts that uses compote from USA.  
  • Signature Muffins - Banana & Corn, Orange Citrus, Black & White Chocolate Chips where they blend in white chocolate chips, Blueberry Muffins where the blueberry compote are filled in alternate layers to give a more generous serving instead of just one layer of blueberry.  
  • Carrot Raisin & Walnut Cupcake is a favorite among the healthcare industry 
  • Whole Cake Signature - Kahlua Espresso, Lychee Martini & Galaxy Sponge Cake where the sponge is multi-colored with fruit-cocktails interspersed in between.  
  • Signature Non-cream cakes to provide wider repertoire such as Rainbow Roll,  Banana Walnut cake, Lemongrass coconut cake,  Mini Pandan Chiffon, Orange Chiffon, Lemongrass Chiffon. 
  • Elyon Cakes do not do Durian cakes as the aroma of durian can be overpowering & lingers in the kitchen, 
  • Did Nonya Epok launch initially but there a lot of work involved time consuming. 
  • Did Chendol Gula Melaka Agar Agar.
  • Try to introduce different product everyday so to give customers surprises.

Co-Founder & Pastry Chef Anne Chin 

Co-Founder & Pastry Chef Magdeline Chin 

Mrs Chin (Mum to Elyon Cakes Co-Founders & Pastry Chefs Anne & Magdeline Chin )

The Signatures 
At Elyon Cakes, the Signatures include :  
1. Lemongrass Coconut cake (made with fresh coconut & lemongrass carefully grated to ensure the fibre parts are tiny) has a dense spongy  texture with a strong lemongrass & coconut flavor. 
2. Red Velvet with frosting made using cream & cheese & vanilla to lend a smooth silky texture with creamy cheesy flavor. 
3. Banana Walnut cake made using Del Monte banana batter mix with crushed walnut then baked. The flavor of the Del Monte banana comes out pretty strongly in this recipe. 
4. Galaxy cake is made using vanilla base batter with various colors piped lengthwise side by side then baked. To it is added the fresh cream and cocktail fruits then rolled into Swiss roll & served in half inch slices. 
5. Blueberry tarts 
6. Salted Caramel muffins  
Much of the Chin sisters culinary influences come from Mrs Chin their mum. From a young age Anne & Magdeline up in the kitchen watching mum prepare food using whole raw ingredients like a true blue Nonya. This becomes like their mantra when they started operations at Elyon Cakes - using whole real ingredients to make their cakes. For their black & white chocolate chip muffin, they use real dark & white chocolate chips. 
For their cupcakes they actually layered the cupcake with alternate layers of batter & fruit compote so customers can taste the real fruit in between the sponge layers. 

Elyon Cakes launch waffles serve with ice cream, kaya, chocolate, fruit compote. Their waffle tastes more flavorful as they use butter in their recipe. 

As for their cheese cake, they use premium Philadelphia Cheese so the cakes has a smoother texture. 

The Chin sisters do customise their cakes according to the customers needs & theme. Their personalise service, unique flavors, delectable concoction using real ingredients made from scratch is what makes Elyon Cakes stand out from the other confectionery bakery establishments.
Elyon Cakes is located at :
Blk 126, Bukit Merah Lane 1,
#01-202, S(150126)
Tel : 62747422
Email :
Opening Hours : 
Mon to Sat    9am to 7.30pm
Sunday (Closed)

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