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Fresh Garden at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital #01-18 S(329563) - The Ambience

The Ambience 
Tucked away within the compound of Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital is an 8 month cafe called Fresh Garden which was officially opened on 10 September 2014. 
Fresh Garden is furnished with very pastel tones of all white color on its walls with the singular island beam in the core centre of the cafe shaded in Apple Green.  See through clear glass panels flush to the floor formed the partition between the cafe & the corridor, acting as the entrance gateway to the cafe. 
Fresh Garden's cement flooring is overlaid with beech wooden parquet flooring to create that cosy look. 

Beech top square dining table presents a matching shade to the beech color flooring, and is paired with functional lightweight, strong, comfortable, stackable Air ArmChair - MAGIS by Jaspar Morrison Air Family priced about 105 pounds each for a set of 4. 

The island pillar in the centre of the cafe spots a pastel apple green hue on which hangs a Notice board made from corkscrew material showcasing polaroid shots of regular as well as first time customers to Fresh Garden. 

Here at the Service Counter where the order is laced & the payment made, three 5" matte black solid brass chandelier overhangs from the ceiling platform.
The Chiller next to the Service Counter displays the selection of more than 25 ingredients & mix-ins for the salad.
Fresh Garden Menu 2015 
The Fresh Garden Menu 2015 at a glance includes 
(A)The All Day Non Salad Menu offering 
  • Soup of the Day  
  • Soft Bun Sliders in 3 flavors = Tuna, Egg Mayonnaise, Ham & Egg 
  • Wholemeal Toastie in 3 flavors = Peanut Butter, Cream Cheese Blueberry, Ham & Cheese 
  • Chilled Wholemeal Sandwiches in 3 flavors = Tuna, Egg Mayonnaise, Ham & Cheese
(B) Chef Designed Salad comes in 4 flavors 
  • Tuna Chunks Japanese Sesame Oil Dressing 
  • Honey Lime Chicken with Balsamic Vinaigrette 
  • Grilled Salmon with Fusilli Pasta & Sesame Ginger
  • Smoked Duck with honey Djion dressing 
  • Honey Lime Chicken Caesar salad

(C) Create-Your-Own Salad Menu allows for customers to choose between a salad or wrap, then select from a list of 13 vegetables, 4 types of nuts & chips, 5 types of fresh & dried fruits. 

(D) Beverages include canned drinks, packet drinks, fruity flavored drinks, Milo.

Infographic Posters adorn the wall spaces with health & food tips to educate & inspire customers about healthy eating, these includes :
  • Food that boost your Metabolism
  • Foods that make you happy 
  • Foods for Radiant Skin 

About Fresh Garden 
Fresh Garden located at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital #01-18 is a cafe that serves up pretty decent gourmet style composed salad, healthy soup, hearty sandwich, delicious wraps, fruity parfait. Both husband & wife team of Henry Kiong, 36 & Filisa Ngoh, 34, come from Financial Banking Industry for more than 10 years. The kitchen & operations is handled by Henry Kiong. 

The Signatures include Smoked Duck Salad with Honey Djion Dressing, Grilled Honey Lime Chicken Caesar Salad, Honey Lime Grilled Chicken Salad, Egg & Mayonnaise Slider, Tuna & Cheese Slider, Ham & Egg Slider.
Fresh Garden Cafe is located at : 
Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital #01-18
38 Irrawaddy Road, S(329563)
Tel : 94504579 
Tel : 66942275
Email :
Nearest MRT : Novena 
Opening hours :
Mondays to Fridays  8 am to 7 pm 
Saturdays - 8.30 am to 1.30 pm
Sundays & Public Holidays (Closed) 

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