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Blink Burgers at 537 Bedok North St 3 #01-555 - The Blink Burgers Signatures & Co-Founder Chef Haikal's Culinary Journey

The Signatures 
There are 5 Signatures on Blink Burgers Menu : 

  • Angels & Demons, 
  • ABG Ramlee, 
  • Gang Gogi, 
  • The Umami 2.0, 
  • Lady NZ. 
All beef burgers sell at S$10, Lady NZ sells at S$9. 
1. Angels & Demons comes with 120gm minced beef patty hand-made from scratch on top of lettuce & fresh tomato slices, topped with sunny side egg, crispy fried turkey bacon, Cheddar cheese, drizzled with homemade Chipotle sauce, sandwiched between custom made buns.

2. ABG Ramlee is a Classic among all heartlanders who frequent pasar malams here in Singapore. Here at Blink Burgers Chef Haikal give a gourmet twist to the Ramlee Burger. He wraps the 120gm beef patty with egg omelette then place it onto base of lettuce & fresh tomato bun. He then drizzles a dash of chili sauce & Garlic Aioli on the beef egg wrap, tops it off with a scoop of his homemade coleslaw & pickled cucumber & covers it with the crown of the bun. 

3. Gang Gogi - is inspired by Korean Cuisine. It is served with beef patty on lettuce tomato on bun, topped with tender Galbi beef slices drizzled with Bulgogi sauce, to it is added a scoop of kimchi (*pickled lettuce). Chef Haikal does his own Signature  dressing such as the Chipotle dressing which has a spritely fiery flavor as he uses paprika in this recipe. Chef Haikal uses halal supplier to custom make his 4 inch diameter buns of sesame & charcoal flavor.  

4. Lady NZ - consists of fresh chilled chicken thigh from the local fresh halal chicken market stall, which are scored, butterflied, then dipped in a homemade batter (made using 2 types of flour, paprika, garlic powder & onion powder), then deep fried in oil, drizzled with sambal sauce, topped with a scoop of Chef Haikal's homemade purple coleslaw, & pickled cucumber, served on custom made black charcoal bun. 

Co-Founder Chef Haikal & His Culinary Journey 
Chef Haikal, 30, started his culinary journey at age 17 before he was called for National Service. After he finished Secondary School, Chef Haikal enrolled at SHATEC at age 17, & graduated at age 19. 
After his National Service stint ended at age 21, Chef Haikal went to work for 1 year plus at Tapas Bar at National Museum, serving Tapas, small bites, South East Asian Cuisine headed by Executive Chef Iskandar. He went on to Amara Hotel doing buffet tables in the Western section for a good 2 years.  

Then Chef Haikal received an offer from Otto Italian Restaurant at Maxwell Road, preparing modern Italian cuisine for 2 years serving salad, pasta, ravioli handmade from scratch. 
Chef Haikal then went back to Tiffin Club at Keong Saik Road (which later moved to The Esplanade) doing modern Asian cuisine such as satay, chilli crab linguini.  

Soon after Chef Haikal was seen working at Salt Tapas for a year under Lukmanjan who is Australian. Salt Tapas is a tapas bar with Australian & Spanish influences, where he does sliders, tacos, charcuterie, Iberico hamon. 

After the stint at Salt Tapas, Chef Haikal went to Salt Grill at Ion Orchard, a refined dining ambience where the food preparation process is much more structured & organised. This was his last stop before he decided to come out to do the Burger joint on his own.  

F&B Industry experience  
Chef Haikal, 30, started at age 17 in the culinary field he brings with him close to 13 years' culinary experience when he started Blink Burgers with Hafiz. 

Chef Haikal comes from a family of 3 boys & 1 girl, being the first & only Chef in the family. His younger sister is soon to join his ranks to be a Chef & has enrolled in Sunrise Academy studying to be a Pastry chef. 

Why I know Chef Haikal will go far with Blink Burgers ?
Chef Haikal's Winning Formula can be seen in :

  • His passion for the F&B business & the Culinary industry. 
  • He had made his choice to be a chef at a very young age of 15, & went to SHATEC at age 17 to study to be a professional chef so he had a very early start. 
  • Throughout his culinary career Chef Haikal interned, work under & was mentored by very talented accomplished Executive Chefs like Chef Iskandar & had work very hard to learn various culinary techniques & increase his knowledge about food ingredients & how they interact. 
  • He was able to find great working partners like Hafiz who brings with him his expertise, talents to bring the Gourmet Burger business to a whole new level. 
  • His Gourmet Burger recipes are unique, innovative, creative, original, one of its kind. 
  • His generous use of fresh raw ingredients & insistence on making everything from scratch makes him a very tired chef but a satisfied chef as he gives his customers the best. This is what keep his customers yearning for more!

Blink Burgers is located at :
Blk 537, Bedok North Street 3, 
#01-555, S(460537).
Email :
Nearest MRT : Bedok MRT, take Bus #225 
Opening Hours :
Monday           (Closed) 
Tues to Thurs  5pm -10.30pm
Friday              5pm - 11pm
Sat to Sun        1pm - 10.30pm

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