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Caruso Ristorante Pizza Bar at 791 Bukit Timah Road - The Ambience

Caruso Italian Restaurant Singapore occupies a two storey shophouse located at 791 Bukit Timah Road. Its Founder Leonardo Palmisano, 31, hails from Puglia, Italy from town called Locorotondo. He named the restaurant Caruso after legendary opera singer Enrico Caruso. 

The entrance to the restaurant is flanked by a signage that overhangs the main glass door bearing the name Caruso named after Enrico Caruso the Italian Opera legend.  
On the right of the entrance to the restaurant sits wine barrel showcasing the vintage on promotion for that month. 
The decor at Caruso is reminiscent of a Tuscan style Italian dining place with its protruding white brick arches in contrast with vibrant orange wall backdrop on the right side of the entrance at ground level of Caruso. 
The square tables are draped with red & white checkered table cloths that is commonly found in a lot of traditional old school Italian restaurants. 
The theme here at Caruso is Tuscan style with its vibrant hues as well as the incorporation of arch made of white painted bricks against vibrant orange hue background.  

This Tuscan theme also includes black & white photos of the Italian countryside (*below).
Within the white brick arches and in between the arches are open shelves displaying wine bottles from Italy. 

The walls are accented with modern light fixtures & framed black & white photos depicting harvesting process, food preparation processes, Italian food ingredients from Italy. 

The Open Kitchen Concept 
The main dining area in ground level of Caruso overlooks an open kitchen where Chef Mimmo Piccolo & Chef Mario Ciccone struts their stuff. 

EVOO with Balsamic Vinegar dispenser bottles sitting on each table top are a clear giveaway that Caruso serves purely authentic Italian Cuisine.

Flanking the Bar Counter is an arch with black & white photos featuring life in Italy in the early 1940 - 1960's era. 

The Bar Counter 
To the right of the glass door entrance is the Bar Counter with a good selection of premium Italian wines that Bar Manager Ms Carlotta Brianzoni serves, as well as good choice of cocktails she concocts & mixes.

The Bar Manager 
The lovely Ms Carlotta Brianzoni is currently the Bar Manager handling the Bar Counter. 

The Bar Counter top is also where Founder Leonardo Palmisano prepares the Prosciutto di Parma con melone for hungry lunchtime diners. 

Founder Leonardo Palmisano carves the Parma Ham on the slicer.
Leonardo Palmisano sliced the Cantaloupe & plates them onto the serving round white porcelain plate.

Leonardo Palmisano plates the Parma Ham onto the round porcelain plate with the sliced cantaloupe. 

The flight of stairs leads to the second level private mezzanine dining area where Founder Leonardo Palmisano hosts his Wine Tasting Dinners in conjunction with the Italian Wine Club as well as Degustation Menu Dinners. 

Hanging on the walls next to the flight of steps are black & white framed photos of famous Italian entertainers & personalities like Sophia Loren, Enrico Caruso, 

On the whitewashed wall next to the stairway there is a ledge protrusion from the wall made out of white painted bricks atop which perches a wide selection of wine bottles display.

The second floor private mezzanine dining area has a modern Italian decor. 
Each square table is flanked by two modern European designer chairs, but without the red & white checkered table cloth. 

Rows of wine cabinet fixtures serve as wine & wine glasses holding areas. 
Framed black & white as well as colored photos of life in Italy bearing scenes of the countryside, farms, harvesting crops are a common sight adorning the white pristine walls of the private mezzanine floor on one side & orange hues on the other side. 

Caruso Italian Restaurant Singapore is located at :
791, Bukit Timah Road,
#01-01, Singapore (269764)
Tel : 64697508
Fax : 64697509
Email : info@caruso.sg
Opening Hours : 
Mondays to Sundays  12.00 am to 2.30 pm
                                     6.00 pm to 11.00 pm 

River JOrdan and JOrdan being groovy on the disco floor !

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