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JuChunYuan at Far East Square 130 Amoy Street #01-01 - Dim Sum Buffet to celebrate Grace Birthday (Part II)

The Cuisine 
Ju Chun Yuan serves Dim Sum Buffet at S$24.80 ++ per adult during lunch from 12 noon to 2.30pm (2pm last order ) that works out to be Nett S$27.80 per pax. Our total bill came to S$111.15 for table for 4 pax.
This is the selection of Dim Sum we ordered for the day :

The Paper wrapped chicken (2pcs per order) is prepared with the chicken being marinated & wrapped in paper bags (to retain their flavors) then baked till fully cooked. The chicken meat is moist, flavorful, tender, juicy, savoury, with tinge of sesame oil, rice wine that could have been used in the marinate. 

The baked Char Siew Pastry (3 pcs per order) consists of Char Siew meat filling wrapped with pastry then baked till the skin is crisp golden brown color. The filling is tasty though would have been better if there were more. 

The deep fried Yam Balls (3 pcs per order) are a little too tiny with the fillings barely filling  my mouth. I think the chef might have over fried it to render it a tat bit too dry. So I would not recommend the Yam Balls if you do visit.  

The Chicken meat in spicy chili sauce is one of my must try Sichuan dishes. The chicken meat here is tender, fresh, infused with the chili oil to render a fragrant flavor with a strong tinge of spiciness that is very becomingly appetising. 

Deep fried sweet & sour honey pork ribs comes in bite size portions. The meat simply tears off from the bone to lend a chewy sweet savoury bite.

Deep fried fish slices in Mango sauce is fried just right, with the fish meat crisp & chewy & the mango sauce lending a tangy sweet flavor. 

Pan fried Gyoza dumplings happens to be my Mum-in-law's favorite. The minced pork is seasoned lightly with savory lightly salty flavor, the skin is crispy on outside yet chewy & paired really well with the vinegar. 

Fried carrot cake with Chye Por is fried ala minute & comes with carrot cake, eggs, bean sprouts, onions, chye por in dark sauce to lend a savory flavorful bite. I like this so much I ordered a second portion & eat it all by myself. 

Pork dumpling soup (3 pcs per order) - each dumpling comes with generous portion of minced meat bathed in flavorful soup. Love this!

This is the same Pork Dumpling used in the Pork Dumpling soup but now served in Spicy chili sauce. I love it that the spicy chili sauce has a light tangy vinegar flavor to it that makes it more appetising than the soup version. 

This Pork in gelatin has the gelatin layer that comes with melt in your mouth consistency. I simply love the taste! 

This Chee Cheong Fun with Char Siew filling has a substantial portion of Char Siew filling that is rather lemak, you might want to skip the Cheong Fun & simply eat the Char Siew filling.

The Har Gao dumplings (4 pcs per order) comes steaming hot with crunchy prawn filling & a delicate soft smooth skin, deliciously fresh!

I loved the Salted Egg Lava Bun (3 pcs per order) though I find the salted egg lava filling a tat bit too little, but the salty sweet savoury flavor is there! To satisfy my craving I had to order two sets.

This Steamed Pork ribs in black bean sauce happens to be Bob's favorite must have. I personally would have favorited this dish had the meat not been too fatty. 

These large Prawns steamed with herbal wine & wolfberries is reminiscent of the large prawns I steam daily for my lunch. I love it that they had the original sweetness & freshness & goes perfectly well with the light soya sauce.  

This Siew Mai with fish roe (4 pcs per order) is a little more atas than the ordinary Siew Mai we always find in other Dim Sum parlour by virtue of the fact the Chef added fish roe, that makes it a wee bit more precious! 

I love the Char Siew Bun (3 pcs per order) with the Char Siew filling oozing out of the light soft fluffy bun to lend a savory salty sweet taste.

This is the Bean Curd Roll (3 pcs per order) with pork filling that has been steamed warm. 

Somehow I am not an ardent fan of the deep fried prawn dumpling (3 pcs per order)  & deep fried roll (3 pcs per order) as I particularly am not a fried stuff person. But these are fried ala minute so are piping hot when served so that somewhat makes it taste better. 

This is the minced pork century egg porridge that came with good dose of dried shallots & onions that give the porridge more flavor! The porridge has been stewed till gluey consistency to give that melt in your mouth smooth texture.

The durian pancake dessert came - its actually durian penyet paste with whipped cream wrapped in a crepe like pancake. Its tasty & full of durian goodness, but I gave the pancake crepe a miss as the color is too artificially bright yellow for me to stomach. 

This Mango Sago pomelo should rightly be called Mango compote as I see more of the mango than anything else. 

JuChunYuan is located at  : 
Far East Square, 130 Amoy Street 
#01-01, S(049959)
Tel : 65367022
Opening Hours :
Monday to Sunday 11.30am to 2.30pm 
                                 6.30pm to 9.30pm

River JOrdan and JOrdan being groovy on the disco floor !

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