Friday, January 25, 2013

Causeway Bay Hong Kong Cafe opens at Causeway Point Part 2

Porridge (Congee)Lovers can rub their hands with glee....... Causeway Bay Hong Kong Cafe serves up really potent porridge (Congee) that comes in seven assorted flavours to the delight of the fickle minded patrons who could not decide on their desired flavours. The porridge (Congee) are served on claypot piping hot, the clay keeps the porridge (Congee) warm.

1. Porridge (Congee) with pork, peanuts and fried You-tiao fritters 鲜滑肉片生滚粥

2. Porridge (Congee) with Hor See (dried oysters) and minced pork蚝干肉碎生滚粥

3. Seafood Porridge (Congee) 杂锦海鲜粥

4. Hong Kong Style Congee Pot
5. Congee Pot with Dory Fish Fillet  
6. Congee Pot with Sliced Beef & Egg 
7. Congee Pot with Sliced Abalone

River JOrdan and JOrdan being groovy on the disco floor !

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