Saturday, May 11, 2013

Garlic Idaho - Kraze Burgers at Plaza Singapura

I have this dread to eat wedge potatoes, I usually prefer unsalted French fries over wedge potatoes as they are slender and easier to chew and swallow. In the past I am always put off by some fast food restaurants that serve salty, over-fried wedge potatoes. 

The Garlic Idaho from Kraze Burgers completely change the paradigm altogether. The wedge potatoes at Kraze Burger comes served with garlic and butter, over sweet spicy sauce, Tabasco sauce cream mayonnaise, and mango dressing. Kraze Burgers' Restaurant Manager Ice took the eating of wedge potatoes to a whole new level by introducing me to Kraze Burgers' home made sour cream to pair with the Garlic Idaho. 

My Garlic Idaho Tasting Notes : I am indeed bowled over by the combination of the home made sour cream and Garlic Idaho. How do I describe the taste....... the sour cream lends  a sourly creamy taste, the garlic, butter, sweet spicy sauce with the Tabasco cream mayonnaise and mango dressing give the wedge potato a sweet, spicy, sourly, buttery flavor that made this dish very appetizing and addictive, so much so that I unabashedly finished half of the entire plate. You'd be surprise the Garlic Idaho tastes great even after sitting on the dining table for 1 hour.  

River JOrdan and JOrdan being groovy on the disco floor !

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