Saturday, June 8, 2013

Appam - The Mango Tree Indian Coastal Restaurant at I12 Katong

Appam is a South Indian breakfast or dinner dish of fermented bread made from warm water, rapid rise yeast, sugar, salt, rice, grated coconut, and is a staple of the Nasranis (Syrian Christians ) of Kerala, Tamil Nadu. 

Key Ingredients to making Appam :
Rapid rise yeast
Raw Ponni Rice
Cooked rice
Fresh grated coconut
Warm water

Steps to making Appam :
Add yeast and sugar to water allow to rise. 
Use raw ponni rice, wash & soak in water for 4-5 hrs.
Use yeast water to coconut & blend it in a blender. 
Add raw ponni rice, 1 teasp salt, 1 cup water. 
Cover the batter & allow batter to ferment for minimum 8 hours. 
Add 0.5 cup water & 4 tbsp sugar to ensure batter is smooth.
Use Appam Chetty  or skillet to make the Appam.
Pour 1 cup of batter on Appam Chetty, cover for a few minutes till cooked. 
Slide Appam off the Chetty and serve warm.

The Appam served at The Mango Tree Indian Coast Restaurant has a soft and chewy texture, with a tinge of sourly flavor due to the rice being fermented, with added aromatic coconutty aroma to it.

The Mango Tree Indian Coastal Restaurant is located at : 
112 East Coast Road, 
I12 Katong, #03-11, 
Tel : 66049661, 66049662

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