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For the Love of a Dog - BLooiE's Roadhouse at The Aquarius, Science Park 2

For the Love of a Dog named BLooiE

The least I could do when my beloved Maltese Calvary passed away on 1 May 2011 was to cremate him and collate his ashes in an urn, and to have a blog about Calvary at

This was certainly nothing compared to the love that BLooiE's mum & dad - Fiona & Sarge had for BLooiE. They love him to bits, and when BLooiE passed on in his old age 11 years ago, they set up a restaurant and named it BLooiE's Roadhouse in memory of BLooiE. Such is the manifestation of the great love that Sarge Sargeant and Fiona Lee had for BLooiE. 

You see, BLooiE is the beloved Basset Hound who had been the family dog of the Sargeant's household for a good many years before he was finally laid to rest.  

Even though BLooiE is no longer around, his name and spirit still lives on in the hearts of his mum and dad, and he is very much remembered at BLooiE's Roadhouse. 

Taiwan born Singaporean Fiona Lee (above) married Canadian Sarge Sargeant, but both decide to set up home and business here in Singapore seeing there is a market for Canadian Cuisine in a rustic laid back setting. 

They started with the opening of BLooiE's Roadhouse 11 years ago, and grew the BLooiE's brand to total 4 outlets : 

BLooiE's Roadhouse can be found at the following 4 locations : 
  1. 21, Science Park Road #01-01 The Aquarius (Science Park II), S(117628). Tel : 67750046
  2. 49, Jalan Tua Kong (Upp East Coast) Siglap, S(457249). Tel : 64420030
  3. Rail Mall, 426/428 Upp Bukit Timah Road, S(678053). Tel : 67661588
  4. 100 Faber Drive, Faber Hills, S(129406). Tel : 67783459

River JOrdan and JOrdan being groovy on the disco floor !

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