Thursday, July 25, 2013

Peranakan Station - Birthday Date at Buffet Town, Raffles City B1-44

The Peranakan Station at Buffet Town serves a delicious spread of Peranakan Cuisine ranging from Nonya Chap Chye to Nonya Curry Chicken. 

Babi Ponteh (braised pork with preserved soya bean sauce) - the pork is braised till the meat is tender and soft. 

Nonya Chay Chye - the cabbages and carrots are stewed till soft and are chewy to the bite.

Nonya Curry Chicken  - I love it that the Nonya Curry Chicken are not too spicy, the chef is generous with the tumeric that lends the Nonya Curry Chicken its distinctive darker yellow color, great to pump up on that cancer fighting tumeric rich gravy. 

The Achar is fresh and full of crunchy cucumber, pineapple, carrot slices, slightly spicy hot, with the added vinegary taste, full of enzymes, great as an appertiser, and an ideal snack for those looking to slim down. 

Buffet Town is located at :
Raffles City, B1-44E, 252 North Bridge Road, 
Tel : 68373793
Opening Hours : 11.30am-3pm, 6-10pm (daily)

River JOrdan and JOrdan being groovy on the disco floor !

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