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Rumah Sayang at JEM - Interview Owner Jimmy Lim Part 1

Background - Rumah Sayang owner Mr Jimmy Lim was influenced by his brothers to start a family business. His brothers used to work at some of the well-known hotels in town: Cairnhill Hotel (below)

as well as Royal Hotel at Newton (below).
With a family of seven boys, together with a cousin in the F&B industry, it is no wonder that Jimmy Lim himself takes to the running of restaurants like a fish in water.

His family is no new comer in the F&B scene here in Singapore, some of whom owns Hong Kong style cafes such as Wan Chai HongKong Tea Room
- founded by Jimmy Lim's brother John Lim back in 2001, currently with 5 outlets in Singapore below,
IMM outlet

Lot 1 Outlet 

 Junction 8 outlet

 Sembawang Shopping Centre Outlet  
 White Sands outlet
there is even a family member who acted as Business Consultant for the Spageddies Italian Kitchen.
here in Singapore.  It is interesting to note that even though Jimmy is a Hainanese, his restaurants are well known for serving up delectable Nasi Padang/ Nonya/ Peranakan Cuisine that makes every foodie drool over. 

Beginnings - Twenty years ago, 35 year-old Jimmy Lim operated the IMM Staff Cafeteria located in the IMM( opened to the public). He founded Red Ginger Halal Cafe at IMM 
twelve years ago under the Sunrestaurant Group, specializing in halal Malay/Nasi Padang Cuisine. 
In 2013, JEM was looking for a restaurant specializing in halal food, and approached Jimmy to start a halal restaurant at JEM. Jimmy took up the challenge and named his restaurant Rumah Sayang. 

Positioning - Rumah Sayang is positioned as a casual dining restaurant serving Peranakan Nonya/ Nasi Padang Cuisine targeted at shoppers in JEM. This is a brand Jimmy founded, and he is keen to develop the brand further through franchising if the timing is right. 

Ownership - Before operating restaurants, Jimmy Lim used to work in Cold Storage, under the Dairy Farm Group for more than 10 years, bringing with him  a total of twenty two years' of F&B experience - which makes Jimmy and I ex-staff of Dairy Farm Group as I used to do brand management at Accord Marketing Services, DF Group. Rumah Sayang is owned by Jimmy Lim and his lovely wife Ms Lily Chan,  under Holding company Cafe Rich Asia on a 50 : 50 share. 

Expansion Plans - Since opening Rumah Sayang, Jimmy has been offered some other locations in the East Coast, Chinatown to operate new restaurant outlets. However due to staff constraints, he is holding back expansion plans for the time being. Currently, there is one Rumah Sayang outlet in Singapore, and Jimmy has plans to open four to five outlets in future when the timing is right.

Menu Planning & Expansion - Two Chefs handles Menu Planning : Chef Lia, Chef Lo. The menu change every three to six months. There is a total of more than 30 items on its menu,

with popular Signature dishes such as : Tahu Goreng, Achar, Laksa, Mee Siam, Fish Head Curry, all of these cooked in Nasi Padang/Indonesian /Peranakan style - which happens to be the style I most loved in part due to the many spices and herbs used that makes the food so very delectably and deliciously yummy. 

Kitchen Staff - Rumah Sayang has a total of ten kitchen staff with training by the two head chefs. Over at the Central Kitchen at IMM, six staff prepares the sauces, rempah, pastes and marinates daily. Central Kitchen at IMM delivers these sauces, rempahs, pastes and marinates to the outlets daily. The sauces do not contain preservatives nor additives.

Rumah Sayang is located at:  
JEM, #B1-41, 50 Jurong Gateway Road, 
Singapore (608549)
Tel : 63390938

River JOrdan and JOrdan being groovy on the disco floor !

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