Monday, October 28, 2013

Rumah Sayang at JEM - Interview Owner Jimmy Lim Part 2

Food Preparation - The marinates made in the Central Kitchen daily are delivered to the outlet daily to ensure freshness. The food are prepared ala minute at the outlet. 

Food Ingredients & Food sources - Ingredients are mainly purchased from local suppliers, about 100% sourced locally. Seafood items are fresh, poultry frozen, the Australia and NZ beef are chilled, and are from Angliss. The meats are marinated overnight, and cooked at the outlet. 

Slogan & Mission of the Restaurant  - "Good Food Everyday"

Differentiation - The restaurant stands out from the crowd in using fresh ingredients, fresh meat and ingredients, coupled with ala minute cooking. 

Ordering - Done at Counter, no table service. Food is self serve. 

Payment - Pre-dining, diners pay cash. 

Catering Service - Not available.

Takeaway Service - Yes, and there is no minimum order required. 

Booking of venue for special events - Depends, diners do celebrate their birthdays here. 

Delivery for takeaway orders - Not available.

Promotion with banks/Credit Cards (VISA, Masrercard) - Not yet.

Promotion with online sites (e.g. Groupon) -  in the pipeline 

Loyalty Program - In the pipeline.

Target Market - Shoppers, families. 

Seating Capacity - 50 pax, no al fresco dining.

Signature Items - Nonya Laksa, Curry Fish-Head, Nasi Pattaya, Nasi Padang, Penang Kway Teow.

Halal Certified -   in the Pipeline. 

Celebrities visit - There are some local celebrities that do visit but Jimmy declines to name them.
Rumah Sayang is located at:  
JEM, #B1-41, 50 Jurong Gateway Road, 
Singapore (608549)
Tel : 63390938

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