Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tolidos Espresso Nook at 462 Crawford Lane 01-63 - The Head Barista Douglas Tan in Action

One Sunday, I visited one of the cool chilled out spot called Tolidos Espresso Nook

at Block 462 , #01-63, Crawford Lane owned by a young handsome chap - Business owner, Entrepreneur  and Head-Barista Douglas Tan, who self taught and picked up his Barista skills initially by scouring the YouTube. 

Over here at Tolidos Espresso Nook, for the main blend, Douglas brew the silver medal award-winning classic espresso beans provided by Yahava Koffeeworks. The espresso beans that is brewed at Tolidos Espresso Nook is a classic dark Italian roast, featuring a combination of superb Arabica’s Colombian, Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea (predominantly Colombian Arabica), blended after Yahava’s roasting to maximize strong espresso flavors with plenty body.

Here's a close up of Douglas Tan, the Head-Barista at Tolidos Espresso Nook in action. 

The latte he made for me is rich, smooth, aromatic, full of flavor, that reflects the creative perfectionist streak in him. 

Here's some of the Espresso Coffee Art proudly presented by talented self taught Head-Barista Douglas Tan over at Tolidos Espresso Nook. 

Tolidos Espresso Nook is located at : 
Block 462, Crawford Lane,
#01-63, Singapore 190462
Telephone: 97282690/90073919 
Opening Hours : 9 am to 9 pm, Closed on Mondays 
Free parking on Sundays and Public Holidays!  

River JOrdan and JOrdan being groovy on the disco floor !

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