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Kuru Kuru Japanese Restaurant at Valley Point Shopping Centre - Part 1 Ala Carte Buffet Adults $33 Nett Children $17

Birthday girl Grouch Two celebrates her 53rd Birthday with the family making a pilgrimage down to Vera Wong's Kuru Kuru Japanese Restaurant at Valley Point Shopping Centre. 

The name Kuru Kuru means round and round in English. The Daruma doll featured in Kuru Kuru Japanese Restaurant's logo is believed to bring luck to business, happiness and good health for life, protection from accidents. Some types of daruma dolls are roly-poly toys that return to an upright position after being tilted to one side. 

The Daruma doll is a symbol for optimism, persistence and strong determination, and this aptly well represents what beautiful, successful Japanese Cuisine fanatic, Business Entrepreneur and Restaurateur with the Midas Touch - Ms Vera Wong (below) sets out to achieve and represent in her business. 

Vera Wong serves her Japanese Cuisine to her loyal die-hard fans with a heart to provide authentic Japanese food using freshest, and great quality and grade authentic Japanese ingredients with no preservatives, additives, colorings, nor much processing. 

An example is shown in the Tempura Platter served here where the prawns are bought fresh from the local market, deshelled, straightened, and dipped into the fresh Tempura powder and served warm (unlike other Japanese restaurants that bring in the frozen versions where they are processed before being shipped to Singapore.) It is this insistence on quality and consistency to freshness that made Vera Wong want to start her own restaurant again, after selling her stake in her first restaurant brand Hanabi for a tidy profit.  

Menu - Kuru Kuru Japanese Restaurant offers three types of Menu :
  1. Ala Carte Buffet Menu with 140 items, 
  2. Ala Carte Menu with more than 80 items, 
  3. Set Menu with 15 Sets. 
There are about  16 Categories in the Ala Carte Menu and Ala Carte Buffet Menu, ranging from :
  1. Zensai (Appetiser)
  2. Temaki (Handroll)
  3. Sushi (Sushi-Meshi with toppings)
  4. Sashimi (Sliced Raw Seafood) 
  5. Makimono (Mat Roll)
  6. Agemono (Deep Fried)
  7. Yakimono (Grilled)
  8. Men (Noodles)
  9. Gohan (Rice)
  10. Shiru (Soup)
  11. Ippinmono (Popular) 
  12. Tempura (Deep Fried Batter)
  13. Yoshoku (Japanese Styled Western Dishes)
  14. Super Menu 
  15. Dessert Menu 
  16. Sake Buffet

We started with the Ala Carte Buffet with the famous Kuru Kuru's Chawanmushi with a generous dose of ingredients : bite size chicken meat, mushroom, slices of kamaboko (cured surimi). This is best eaten warmed as the steamed egg has a silky texture with a melt in your mouth consistency, is mildly salty, that is blended with the sweetness from the chicken and kamaboko.

Then we followed with the Kabayaki (grilled Unagi) Hand Roll. The chef uses a generous dose of the Kabayaki nicely grilled, then serve with crisp Nori which simply melt in your mouth to give a mildly salty flavor. 

Next comes the Kabayaki Maki Roll decorated with the sweet savory creamy Kuru Kuru in-house Special Japanese mayonnaise dressing. Over here the Chef does not stinch on the real stuff, check out the generous Kabayaki filling in the centre surrounded by the thin layer of Japanese pearl rice.  

One of the must eat dishes is this honey grilled mid wings which tastes hone sweet on the outside, juicy tender on the inside. Obviously Kuru Kuru uses fresh mid wings as generally fresh ones are smaller in size, frozen ones are bigger but the meat is tougher. Note also the mid wings are served hot - meaning they are grilled ala minute, not re-grilled.

If you are a seafood lover, one definite item on the To Eat list at Kuru Kuru Japanese Restaurant is this Tempura prawn platter where the Chef uses fresh local prawns deshelled, straightened, dipped lightly in Tempura batter, fried ala minute and served warm. The Tempura prawn is crisp on the outside, juicy sweet on the inside, and leeks of the prawn's natural freshness and sweetness, and nothing of those frozen processed prawns heavily dusted with bread crumbs served in some Japanese eateries. 

Kuru Kuru Japanese Restaurant is located at :
491 River Valley Road, #01-07, 
Valley Point, Singapore 248371.
Tel : 67332292
Email :
Email :
Website :
Opening Hours : 
Mondays to Sundays  from 11.30 am to 10.00 pm 

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