Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Smith's Authentic British Fish and Chips at Balmoral Plaza - Haddock Fish and Chips $17

Today I bade goodbye to the frozen Dory and I welcome the freshly frozen Haddock, Halibut, and Plaice with open arms at Smith's Authentic British Fish and Chips.......  

Proudly displayed on the walls of Smith's Authentic British Fish and Chips at Balmoral Plaza, 271 Bukit Timah Road, are Black and White photos of trawlers and fishing boats..........

where the catch of the day are harvested by UK fishermen from the sea, cleaned, frozen and air-flown to Smith's Authentic Fish and Chips' two kitchens (as can be seen in the Balmoral Plaza kitchen below), where they are dipped into the special Smith's batter, deep fried in palm oil, and served fresh. 

I had the opportunity to tuck into this delicious Haddock Fish and Chips $17 at Smith's Authentic British Fish and Chips at Balmoral Plaza, 271 Bukit Timah Road, and am totally in love with it. 

Notably first of all, the catch by the UK fishermen is fresh, they are cleaned, processed on board the trawlers, and frozen straightaway to seal in the freshness of the catch, then air-flown direct (without any third party) to Smith's Authentic British Fish and Chips outlets here in Singapore, thereby removing all costs and delay associated with the middleman. 

The fish served at Smith's are typically more special (than those served at some restaurants here in Singapore): Haddock, Halibut, Plaice, these are commonly served in many British Fish and Chip restaurants in UK. 

Another thing commendable is that here at Smith's Authentic British Fish and Chips, all the chips are made fresh daily from scratch at the two outlet's kitchen. 

The fresh potatoes from the UK farm is air-flown, the skin is removed, then the potatoes are sliced and cut according to standard size using the potato cutting machine. The results is straight cut chips of uniform thickness and similar length. The frying process does not dry out the chips at all, instead the chips are still moist, yet not oily, and tastes sweet when eaten on its own. In fact the chips tastes as if they had been baked instead of fried as there is literally zero oil found on the chips!!

Here at Smith's Authentic British Fish and Chips, the Fish and Chips can be eaten with sauces and condiments such as Tartar sauce, Chili as well as spices : salt and vinegar. One thing notably not used here is lemon as the British eat their Fish and Chips with mushy peas, gravy, vinegar, curry sauce, tartar sauce instead.

Because the Haddock is harvested, processed and frozen, the freshness is sealed, and what results is fish meat that is tender and juicy even after frying. The batter used at Smith's Authentic British Fish and Chips coats the Haddock evenly, forming a uniform thin crispy coating around the body and seals the flavor in, forming a thin barrier preventing the fish from becoming oily, yet retaining its moisture. In fact the Haddock tastes sweet even on its own. When you chew the fried batter together with the meat, the crispy texture of the batter blends into the juicy sweet texture of the fish meat. Notice that the Master Fryer does not even add salt, and lets the diners decide for themselves by putting the salt in salt dispensers for their use if necessary.  

Here's Paul Lawlass, the British owner and partner of Smith's Authentic British Fish and Chips wondering why you have not come visit his famous joint to savor Authentic British Fish and Chips where "Everyone Deserves a Daily Portion"??

Smith's Authentic British Fish and Chips is located at : 
271 Bukit Timah Road 
#01-02 Balmoral Plaza 
Singapore 259708  
Tel: 6737 9313  
Frying Times …  
OPEN ALL WEEK:  1130am – 11pm daily

230 Tanjong Katong Road, 
Singapore 437018  
ECP - Exit 11 Car Park Opposite - 76 Spaces  
Tel: 6345 9855  
Frying Times …  
OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK:  1130am – 11pm daily Closed Mondays  
Delivery Hotline : 67379313

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