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Doutor Coffee at Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3 - The Signature Desserts The Signature Coffee Blends

The Doutor Coffee Menu 
The menu is simple & made up of 5 categories : - 
  • Pancakes  (with mango & kiwi, with choco banana, pancakes platter)
  • Sandwich (Ham & tomato, teriyaki chicken, tuna cheddar, Tonkatsu, chicken with Mentaiko, seafood)
  • Salad
  • Cakes (Strawberry Rare Cheese Cake, Hokkaido Milky Roll, Mount Fuji Mont Blanc, Hokkaido Souffle Cheesecake.)
  • Coffee 

I managed to squeeze some time out of  a busy Saturday noon to savour a selection (*below) of Doutor Coffee cakes when they first opened at Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3.  

Strawberry Rare Cheesecake - has a tender smooth cheese texture layer balanced perfectly by the sweet flavor coming from the strawberries. 

Kyoto Matcha Cake - one of my must haves here at Doutor Coffee)  the strong matcha flavor comes out from the matcha layers and blends in very well with the light creamy layer & the sweet azuki beans. 

Hokkaido Milky Roll - a soft light melt in your mouth milky roll with a creamy lightly sweet centre.   

Mille Crepes Cake - this is a layer after layer of the ultimate unforgettable sweetness. 

Hokkaido Souffle Cheesecake - Soft fluffy texture, light cheesy flavor, delightful savour. 

At Doutor Coffee, the blends are "pre-mixed" - meaning that the coffee beans are mixed before roasting. It takes a lot of knowledge, expertise & skill to roast the blend in a pre-mix as the various types of coffee beans have different moisture content and composition which makes roasting pre-mix a pretty daunting task, however the end product offers a well-balanced, full-flavored taste.

Doutor Coffee’s roasting plant, differs from other roasting plants that uses traditional hot air. Doutor Coffee uses the in-house method of Open Flame Roasting, that requires thrice the amount of time needed in the hot air method. This longer time needed for Open Flame Roasting ensures the beans are uniformly roasted, giving rise to distinctive taste and aroma of Doutor Coffee's coffee. The entire roasting process is overseer  by the Master Roaster, who ensures every step of the roasting process are carried out according to standard procedures : from weighing of the beans, the roasting temperature, flame condition, ambient temperature, humidity, the internal bean temperature, right down to amount of water used.

Even up to this modern day, Doutor Coffee's  Open Flame Roasting procedure is fully manual & cannot be replaced by machines or be automated. Each & every roast is carried out by Doutor Coffee's skilled Roasters who have to rely on factors such as : environmental changes, smells and human instinct to get the perfect roast every time. To date, Doutor Coffee is the only company capable of using Open Flame Roasting technique to roast large quantity of coffee beans on open flame at any one time.

Coffee retains its flavour for about 2-3 weeks from the time it is roasted. At Doutor Coffee, the beans in frozen form are shipped direct from Japan to Singapore to ensure the freshness of the beans. To prevent over-stockage, Doutor Coffee uses centralised computer software to manage inventory at the outlets. The required amount will be roasted only days before to maintain the freshness of the beans. At Doutor coffee, all brewed coffee has to be discarded 30 minutes after brewed, to ensure freshness served to their customer. Thus, expect only the best freshly grounded and brewed coffee at any time, every time from Doutor Coffee.

Doutor Coffee retails the following coffee blends :
  • Iced Coffee
  • Kona Coffee Mauka Meadows Blend 
  • Mild Blend The Basic 
  • Italian Espresso Coffee

as well as Drip Cafe that comes in 12 pieces packets :
  • Drip Cafe Mild Blend The Basic 
  • Drip Cafe Kona Coffee Mauka Meadows Blend 
  • Drip Cafe Golden Mocha Blend 
  • Drip Cafe Blue Mountain Blend

****************************************Doutor Coffee is located at :
12 Marina Boulevard, #01-05
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3,  
Singapore 018982.
Tel: +65 6604 6082

Opening Hours :
Mondays to Fridays          - 7.30am to 9.30pm
Sat, Sun, Public Holidays - 8.30am to 4.30pm 

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