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{knead to eat} at 6 Changi Business Park Avenue 1, UE BizHub East North Tower, #01-30 - The Signatures

The {knead to eat} Gourmet Sandwich - Mumtaz just launch 6 new Gourmet Sandwich flavors in addition to the current 6 Classic Gourmet Sandwich flavors : 
  • Brutus Roast Beef 
  • Runaway Reuben
  • Old Fashioned Ham &Cheese
  • Chicken Tikka Masala 
  • Tuna Meltdown 
  • The Great Portobello (For vegans)

The 6 new Gourmet Sandwich flavors include :
  • Veg-Out Feta (V) = Roasted Vegs & Feta Cheese +Tomatoes +Eggplant+Onions & Feta
  • Salmon Mango Tango = Smoked Salmon & Green Mango )
  • Go Hot Turkey =Smoked Turkey with Spicy Cranberry +Lettuce + Tomato
  • Grandma's Guacamole BLT =Bacon +Lettuce +Tomatoes+Guacamole dressing
  • A Pollo Pesto = Chicken breast +almond pesto + peppers+lettuce
  • Smokin' Pulled Pork = 24hr sous vide pork +BBQ sauce +coleslaw

The {knead to eat} Signature Sandwiches

Chicken Tikka Masala Sandwich - {knead to eat} Founder Mumtaz Marican shared that she uses frozen chicken leg, turmeric, garlic, yogurt, salt, pepper, zucchini, tomato, lettuce, served on a multi-grain bread for this recipe. Mumtaz gets the frozen chicken legs from Angliss, already deboned. Her kitchen will deskinned the chicken legs & cut them into smaller bite size pieces, then stir in the masala spice mix, &  oven-roast the marinated chicken pieces till tender. As for the Pesto Chicken it is breast meat she use, & done via sous vide style.
Tasting Notes for the Chicken Tikka Masala Sandwich - The chicken pieces after undergoing marination with the masala herbs spices mix & oven roasting  tastes absolutely fabulous, is tender & has a strong, intense turmeric flavor, full of fragrant from the spices used in this recipe, the pieces are infused, coated evenly with the spice mix. 

Old Fashioned Ham & Cheese Sandwich - {knead to eat} Founder Mumtaz Marican shared that this sandwich is a great treat for those who simply love Hawaiian Pizza. The pineapples used in this recipes are from cans. She gets the whole roll gammon ham leg from supplier so they do not dry up easily. She cuts them into slices enough for use just for the day. 
Tasting Notes - The Gammon Ham is freshly moist tender, juicy, savory and pairs so well with the sweet lightly roasted pineapple & cheese to lend an overall juicy sweet savory Hawaiian bite.

Roasted Vegetables with Feta Cheese Sandwich - {knead to eat} Founder Mumtaz Marican shared that this is one of the popular Vegan Sandwich well liked even among her Non Vegan customers. It is very tasty, very flavourful due to the use of capsicum, pepper, eggplant, feta cheese in this recipe. She uses a pretty flavorful base - mango chutney, plus a whole lot of spices to flavor the eggplant & red & green capsicum. The vegetables are first julienned & sliced. To these are rubbed in the herbs & spice mix & let sit for half an hour, & the entire mixture is oven roasted at 180 degrees for 15 minutes to bring out the natural flavor of the capsicum fully infused with the herbs & spice mix.
Tasting Notes - The vegetables are oven roasted till tender soft & have a melt in your mouth smooth texture. The soft feta cheese crumbles lend a cheesy soft creamy bite.

Brutus Beef Sandwich - is the Number 1 Top Seller sandwich flavor here at {knead to eat}. Founder Mumtaz Marican shared that she prepares the beef from scratch. She buys the frozen 4 kg beef rumps from her supplier & marinates the rump for 24 hours using mixed herbs & spices such as thyme, rosemary, oregano, marjoram, salt & pepper, and a few other herbs, & cook it sous vide style for 36 hours. On average she cooks about 4 to 8 of the 4 kg rumps that can sell quickly within two days. Because of the 2 and a half days cooking time required she has to marinate the rumps practically every other day to ensure there is sufficient rumps to sell. Mumtaz has her own version of Immersion Circulator she uses in her sous vide style cooking of the Brutus beef rump where she has the thermometer & timer attached to large container to hold the vacuum Packed marinated rumps. Mumtaz shares she uses sous vide style for the vacuum packed 4kg beef rump as this method helps to lock in the meat juices & keep the beef meat moist, juicy & tender. It is by no chance that Mumtaz decided on 36 hours for the sous vide method, it was through much trial & error, she actually experimented with 48 hour, 24 hour, 36 hour sous vide and discovered that the 36 hour sous vide tastes the best. In fact she found the sous vide style so convenient and the quality so consistent she uses it on the Pesto Chicken Sandwich as well. Over here at {knead to eat} the beef slices are laid on the bread in rolled form instead of flat to give it more bite. Mumtaz caramelise the white onions daily at the kitchen here for use daily for the various sandwich flavor. She sauteed the fresh Shiitake mushrooms in the kitchen here as well. 
Tasting Notes - The Brutus Beef Sandwich is a winner because it has the key ingredients which happens to be my favorite - mushroom, onion, beef. The beef is so tender moist & juicy on the inside, full of flavor of the mixed herbs spices used in this recipe. It being sliced thinly & rolled in the sandwich gives it an extra chewy bite & is easy to eat. I love it that the onions are caramelised till they are naturally sweet. The mushrooms are sweated out well enough you cannot taste the usual unpleasant earthy flavor that mushrooms carry. The serving is really generous with 5 pieces of the beef rolled up in this sandwich. 

The {knead to eat} Bagels - for breakfast, you can opt for the Bagel Set at only S$6.90 

The {knead to eat} Cakes - as for cakes, there is a selection of cakes such as Carrot Cake(S$5.50), Banana Raisin Bread(S$3.50), Rocky Road Bar (S$3.50), Jaffa Drizzle Cake (S$3.50) you can nibble on for your tea-break. 

The {knead to eat} Ice Cream Sandwich - from the ice cream & cookie co. provide a selection of delectable ice cream sandwich to satisfy your sweet palate at only S$6.90 per serving.

The {knead to eat} Barista - the friendly  hospitable experienced Barista is here to help you prepare the perk me up brew of your choice.

The {knead to eat} Brew - here eat {knead to eat} there is a wide selection of beverage to choose, be it Espresso, Macchiato, Long Black, Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha, Flat White, Extra Shit, etc.

Loyalty Card & Express Check out - {knead to eat} Founder Mumtaz Marican also launch a prepaid Loyalty Card app that her customers can use in the Self Checkout counter where they make payment when they order drinks direct from the chiller fridge without the need to join the queue. 

{knead to eat} is located at :
6 Changi Business Park Avenue 1,
UE BizHub East North Tower, #01-30, 
Singapore (486017) 
Tel : 67020887
Email : orders@kneadtoeat.com.sg
Opening Hours : 
Mon - Fri 7am to 7pm
Call for Corporate Catering & Delivery Services 

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