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Akatombo 赤とんぼ at Marina Bay Link Mall #B2-03 S(018984) - The Signature Tonkatsu Curry & Mentaiko Shrimp Spaghetti

The Akatombo 赤とんぼ Menu 

The Signatures at Akatombo 赤とんぼ

3. Tonkatsu Curry - made using Core Ingredients of beef chunk tender, mirepoix (celery, carrot, onion), Japanese curry powder, pork of serving size 120gm, Japanese bread crumbs, eggs, flour. 

How it is prepared - The mirepoix combination of celery, carrots & onions are cooked for about 3 hours. To the mirepoix is added the thinly sliced Australian beef chunk tender. About 100kg of the beef is cooked for 5-6 hours, and is good for use for the next 3 days. Central kitchen uses pressure cooker to cook the beef till it becomes tender. To the mixture of beef & mirepoix is added the Japanese curry powder to make the Curry sauce. This Curry sauce made at the Central Kitchen is delivered to the outlet daily packed in 1 kg packs. When an order is placed the outlet chef will warm up the 1 kg pack, then pour the Curry sauce onto plate to serve. A 1 kg pack can serve 8 to 9 plates of the Katsu Curry. The regular pack of 1kg ensures the quality & flavors are consistent. The beef used in this recipe is Australian frozen chunk tender. Indonesian fresh chilled 120gm pork is used as cutlet in this Katsu Curry dish. The pork is dipped first into flour, egg, bread crumbs at 175 degrees for 4 minutes & is done ala minute. Akatombo uses OJJ Foods Pte Ltd (formerly known as Ong Joo Joo Food Industries Pte Ltd) to ensure consistent quality products are delivered to the customer's table. This dish is available in the Akatombo's  Lunch as well as Dinner Menu. 

Tasting Notes - The curry sauce used in this recipe is really tasty and umami with a tinge of sweetness coming from the rich beef tender. In fact the beef tender chunks are done so well they have a melt in your mouth consistency and is so fully infused with the curry powder to give you a curried flavor & texture to the meat. The pork cutlet is fried just right & crisp with the flavors sealed within the bread crumbs sos that when you bite into the cutlet the juices oozes out of the meat. 

4. Mentaiko Shrimp Spaghetti - uses Core Ingredients : Japanese meat soup with Shimeiji mushroom, frozen tiger prawns, pasta from Italy, Shiso Oba leaf julienned, chives diced, Nori, Katsuobushi (bonito flakes), Mentaiko. Traditionally, large chunks of Katsuobushi were kept at hand and shaved when needed with an instrument called a katsuobushi kezuri. Katsuobushi has a distinct umami flavor that comes from its high inosinic acid content. The spaghetti used in this recipe  is standardised at 120gm similiar to the standards applied in major Japanese restaurants. 

Akatombo 赤とんぼ is located at :
8A Marina Boulevard, 
Marina Bay Link Mall, #B2-03,
Tel : +65 65094670

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