Monday, December 22, 2014

Akatombo 赤とんぼ at Marina Bay Link Mall #B2-03 S(018984) - Chef Kueh Kwang Siew

Akatombo 赤とんぼ Chef Kueh Kwang Siew 

Chef Kueh Kwang Siew handles the kitchen as well as operations at Akatombo 赤とんぼ. He is the only Chef in his family. Chef Kueh started his culinary experience since 2001, when he studied in culinary school for 3 years, after which he arrived in Singapore & worked at Katsu Sumiyaki Restaurant as Japanese Chef doing Sumiyaki, Japanese Grilled food & in ala carte style. 

Chef Kueh joined D&N in 2008 & was stationed at The Asian Kitchen for 2 years, where he served Chinese Cuisine. When Akatombo赤とんぼ started operations in 2014, Chef Kueh was tasked to helm the operations here. He is well versed in Chinese & Japanese Cuisine & brings with him total of 13 years of culinary experience. Chef Kueh's role is to manage the restaurant Akatombo 赤とんぼ first concept under D&N Singapore. 

Akatombo 赤とんぼ is located at :
8A Marina Boulevard, 
Marina Bay Link Mall, #B2-03,
Tel : +65 65094670

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