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Bottle Cap Cafe at 511 Guillemard Rd #01-54 Grandlink Square S(399849) - Mangalica Sausage Platter at S$13.90

This is the Mangalica Sausage Platter priced at S$13.90 & served at Bottle Cap Cafe located at 511 Guillemard Road, Grandlink Square #01-54. This dish consists of Mangalica Pork sausages from Hungary of 3 different flavors with Hot-dog Relish sauce, served with baked Australian potatoes & fresh Coral lettuce salad. 
The Mangalica Pig 
The Mangalica pig is a traditional Hungarian breed of domestic pig which produces juicy meat with a lovely mild flavour. It is a rich source of unsaturated fats. It was developed in the 19th century by cross-breeding the traditional Hungarian Bakonyi and Szalontai breeds with imported Sumadia pigs from Serbia. 
The Mangalica pig grows a thick hairy coat similar to that of a sheep. It is a lard pig, with a high fat content in the meat; the animals are large and round. The fleecy Mangalica pig are slowly fattened to as long as 18 months, during which they happily grazed outdoors. The result of fresh air, broad open grazing & exercise, fleecy thick hairy coat, time is succulent finest quality pork, mild flavored, & rich source of healthy cholesterol. 
The primary product made from this pig is sausage, usually packed in the pig's duodenum. The minced meat is seasoned with salt, pepper, sweet paprika, and other spices. It can be eaten in slices served with pickled vegetables. or served braised with sauerkraut, potatoes, and stuffed peppers as a side dish. 
Core Ingredients - 

  • Mangalica Pork sausages of three different flavors: original flavor, garlic flavor (orange color), black pepper flavor,
  • Australian baby potatoes that are cut into 4 pieces & drizzled with butter & baked, then garnished with finely chopped parsley, 
  • fresh crisp Coral lettuce salad drizzled with Balsamic Vinegarette. 
The 3 Mangalica pork sausages are drizzled with homemade Hot-dog Relish made using 8 ingredients including : pickles, mustard, radish, apple cider vinegar. 
How it is prepared - Chef Khaw gets the Mangalica sausages in chilled form from his Italian supplier Daewoo who supplies also the Mariella Spaghetti. When the order is placed, Chef Khaw grills the sausages for 3 minutes on the pan at medium high heat to allow the flavors to exude from the sausages. Then he bakes the potatoes in the oven at 220 to 250 degrees for 15 minutes. They are served with fresh Coral lettuce drizzled with Balsamic Vinegarette. 
Tasting Notes - I personally find the original flavor to best suit my palate. The Mangalica sausage with original classic flavor is savory, mildly salty, moist & juicy. 
The Mangalica sausage with garlic flavor (orange color) has a stronger, intense salty flavor compare to the original classic flavor sausage. 
The black pepper flavored sausage has slightly milder flavor compared to the garlic flavored sausage & has distinct mild black pepper flavor.

These Mangalica sausages goes very well with the Hot dog Relish made specially to go with the sausages.  
The baked potatoes has a buttery creamy flavor, pairs pretty well with the salty savory sausages. 
Here at Bottle Cap Cafe Chef Khaw uses Mangalica pork sausage from Hungary, which is the highest quality & premium grade of pork meat. The Mangalica pigs are free grazing & are grass fed. Chef Khaw shared that it is not easy to get fresh Mangalica pork meat as it is typically very expensive. Most fine dining establishments will serve Mangalica pork sausage in place of the expensive fresh Mangalica pork meat itself. Here at Bottle Cap Cafe you can get to savor fine dining cuisine at affordable pricing.

Bottle Cap Cafe Menu 2015 

Bottle Cap Cafe is located at :
511 Guillemard Road, 
#01-54, Grandlink Square, S(399849) 
Tel : 67434470
Nearest MRT : Paya Lebar MRT 
Serves Lunch, Dinner, Coffee, Tea, Drinks.

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