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Bottle Cap Cafe at 511 Guillemard Rd #01-54 Grandlink Square S(399849) - The Spicy Salami Pizza S$15.90

This is the Signature Spicy Salami Pizza priced at S$15.90 for a 10 inch diameter serving & is great for a small party of 2-3 friends. This pizza is served here on the lunch & Dinner menu at Bottle Cap Cafe located at 511 Guillemard Road #01-54, Grandlink Square.
Core Ingredients - Fresh pizza dough handmade from scratch fresh daily, Pomodoro sauce, Mozzarella, spicy salami, green chili, Oregano.
How it is prepared - For the pizza crust, Chef Khaw uses core ingredients such as milk, flour, EVOO, salt, sugar, yeast & water to make the pizza dough from scratch without any additional preservatives, additives or colorings. 

Chef Khaw makes the pizza dough fresh daily himself by hand that gives the crust a more chewy springy texture. He does not use any machine to make the dough. Generally he leaves the dough overnight for it to rise. He makes usually about 12 doughs fresh daily. 

For the pizza toppings, Chef Khaw uses fresh green chillies instead of the jalapenos as he could not find good fresh jalapenos in Singapore. 

When it comes to ingredients, Chef Khaw is pretty bent on using good grade premium ingredients - the salami used he gets from his salami supplier is the premium cut salami that comes in 6 cm diameter size much bigger than the commonly used 4 cm diameter salami you find in other cafes.

The dough is first layered with a base homemade pizza sauce made largely from Pomodoro sauce & the herbs & spices, then followed by a layer of Mozzarella, & spicy salami, topped with julienned green chili, with crushed black pepper in the salami, with Oregano & another layer of Mozzarella. 

The pizza is then oven baked at 240 to 250 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes in the oven till the pizza crust is crisp. Chef Khaw makes the homemade pizza sauce fresh weekly that generally last for about 5 days, without use of preservatives additives, colorings. 

Besides the Spicy Salami pizza, Chef Khaw also does pizza of other flavors : Hawaiian, Pepperoni & Spicy Salami, Seafood, Chicken & Mushroom, Ham & Mushroom, Bacon (Bacon with Sunny Side up), Margarita, Triple Cheese, Vegetarian. 
Tasting Notes - This pizza has a distinct spicy flavor because of the spicy salami used, the flavor of paprika in the salami is pretty strong. The base of pizza is moist tarty due to the generous layer of pomodoro based pizza sauce used. I am quite happy the crust is not too dry but is nicely layered evenly with the pizza sauce. 

Chef Khaw shared that a good thin crust pizza should have air pockets lining the centre of the pizza dough to hold the Pomodoro based pizza sauce so it does not seep through the centre dough and to also lend a chewy texture to the pizza. The sides along the circumference of the pizza should be thin & crisp to earn it the name thin crust pizza. 

Chef Khaw sliced the salami thinly to give it a spicy burst. He tops garnished the pizza with some thinly julienned seeded green chilli to add another level of spicy tinge. This 10 inch thin crust pizza is great for ladies who are weight watchers. The pizza dough is freshly hand-made from scratch daily, very fresh, chewy & moist.

Bottle Cap Cafe Menu 2015 

Bottle Cap Cafe is located at :
511 Guillemard Road, 
#01-54, Grandlink Square, S(399849) 
Tel : 67434470
Nearest MRT : Paya Lebar MRT 
Serves Lunch, Dinner, Coffee, Tea, Drinks.

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