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Flee Away Cafe at 70 Dunlop Street S(209398) - The Chef The Menu The Signature Desserts & Milkshakes

The Executive Chef 

Chef Adrian Toh brings with him close to 20 years experience in the F&B industry having worked for major F&B establishments. It was whilst working at Chjimes with Fan Hui Ling (Ling) that he got to know Ling and they became good friends. 

When Ling decided to establish Flee Away Cafe with her two partners  & invited him to come onboard to helm the kitchen at Flee Away Cafe, Chef Adrian Toh took up the offer. Together he & Ling came up with the Flee Away Cafe Menu 2015, featuring Le Char Kuey with 4 different Specialty Fillings as the Signature at Flee Away Cafe. Besides this Chef Adrian Toh & Ling also develop recipes on the Beef Hash Pie Tee, Tau Kwa Salad, desserts like the Gula Melaka Sago.

The Flee Away Cafe Menu 2015
Flee Away serves Brunch, Lunch, Tea, Dinner with about 30 items on its menu under categories : 2 Soups, 6 Small Bites, 4 Salads, 4 Normal Filling Le Char Kuey, 4 Special Filling Le Char Kuey, 4 Pasta, 5 Sweets (Dessert), Drinks which includes 5 Coffee, 2 Tea (Hot or Cold), Bottled drinks,  Canned Drinks, 5 Smoothies, 9 Milkshakes. 

Set Lunch is available at Flee Away Cafe which includes Le Char Kuey Set. Currently the cafe do not serve Set Dinner.

The Signatures include : Beef Hash Kueh Pie Tee, Le Char Kuey, Tau Kwa Salad. 

The Promotion Lunch - Opt for Le Char Kuey or Tortilla Wrap with Hot/Iced Tea or Coffee starting from S$10.50 onwards Tuesdays to Fridays. 

The Signature Desserts
Gula Melaka Waffle at S$8.50 - waffle served with sago, gula melaka, coconut milk. 

Core Ingredients - Sago, Gula Melaka, Coconut Milk, Square Waffle. 

Tasting Notes - The sago ball is drizzled with gula melaka & coconut milk. There is a distinctly sweet flavor from the gula melaka & coconut milk. The waffle has pancake-like texture with air pockets to give it a chewy bite, crispiness on outside & softness inside, & when you eat the waffle together with the sweet gula melaka & fragrant coconut milk it lends a sweet creamy sweetness & fragrant coconut milk aroma to it. The sago gives it that burst, & jelly like texture & balance the chewy fluffy texture of waffle. Chef Adrian Toh uses gula melaka in this recipe to lend an Asian twist to this otherwise western waffle dessert. 

Signature Milkshake 
Banana Kiwi Milkshake at S$7.50 - made using UHT milk, vanilla ice cream, fresh banana, fresh green kiwi fruit.
Tasting Notes - The banana fruit overpowers the kiwifruit to lend a distinct banana flavor. This milkshake is creamy due to vanilla ice cream used in this recipe. The flavor is full-bodied, lemak, stronger, naturally sweetness from the banana balancing the slightly tarty sourly flavor of the green kiwi fruit. 

Happy Birthday Milkshake at S$7.50 - made using vanilla ice cream, UHT milk, birthday cake mix. The Barista blends the ingredients together to get the milkshake, & garnish it with edible colored beads to serve. 

Tasting Notes - Has a distinct strong vanilla flavor, with a light tinge of cake flavor, but the vanilla overpowers the cake flavor, is lightly sweet, milky, pretty much a vanilla shake. 
Where is Flee Away Cafe ?

Even if you were lost walking along Dunlop Street you should not miss this "FLEE AWAY CAFE MEETS SHOP" Wooden Panel Signage hanging along the five foot walkway. 

Flee Away Cafe is located at :
70 Dunlop Street S(209398)
Tel : 62916778
Email :
Nearest MRT - Little India MRT, Bugis MRT. 
Opening Hours : 
Mon  - Thurs 11am to 9 pm
Fri - Sat 11am to 10 pm
Sun 10am to 5pm 
Serves Lunch, Brunch, Dinner 

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