Thursday, March 5, 2015

Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe at 115 Aljunied Ave 2 #01-35 S(380115) - Signature Hommok S$16 per serving

Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe serves Signature Hommok (special Thai styled Otak by Isaan people). The Hommok is served in a coconut & is priced at S$16 per serving. 

Signature Hommok is a uniquely special version of otak enjoyed by the Isan people.

The Hommok is made using Core Ingredients - 4 whole eggs pan fry/stir fry with shallots, tumeric, chili, Thai Red Curry paste, suntan, seafood ingredients like fish, IFQ grade prawns & fresh squid, young coconut flesh slices, salt, transferred to the young coconut & served warm in the coconut shell. 

Tasting Notes - I love the smooth custard like texture of the otak, that comes with a strong eggy flavor, natural sweetness that comes from the coconut, plus a mild tinge of spiciness from the Thai Red Curry paste. Chef Moonpeng Meedee julienned some Kaffer lime leaves to garnish on top of the Hommok to lend it a fragrant sprightly lemonly aroma.

Here's a peek at the Hommok in my Flipagram video. Click the link below:
(**Spicy Thai -Thai Cafe@115 Aljunied Ave 2, #01-35 - Hommok ) a flipagram made with♫ Music: Extreme - More Than Words)

Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe is located at :
115 Aljunied Ave 2 #01-35, 
Singapore 380115
Tel : 67478558
Opening Hours - 11am to 12 am 

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