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Cafe Salivation at 176 Race Course Rd - The Ambience The Menu The Chefs

The Ambience at Cafe Salivation 
Cafe Salivation sits on the prime land at 176 Race Course Road, right beside the Farrer Park MRT station, accessible to those who are shopping in the estate nearby. Passers-by will not miss this sprightly colored cafe in various shades of pink, purple & orange, with its entrance glass flushed to the ground level, enough to brighten up your day.

Dinner Crowd 
As the evening draws near, hungry dinner patrons gather at Cafe Salivation to satisfy their hunger pangs. The cafe seats about 32 pax (indoors air-conditioned ) maximum at full capacity, and extends out to al fresco outdoors which can seat about 6 pax. 
Cafe Salivation's white square & round table tops come with metallic black color X-base paired with white & orange cushion chairs. 

The wall on the left of the entrance to the cafe is lined with a long mirror that serves to form a reflection of the cafe thereby giving a sense of an enhanced larger spatial feel. 
Customers who prefer a more comfortable rest can opt for the lounge design seating on the left of the cafe from the entrance. 

Interspersed between the mirror are posters of the Signature dishes at Cafe Salivation that form a montage mosaic display. 

The slogan for Cafe Salivation rings in loud & clear : "for droolicious sensations"

In the evening Cafe Salivation lits up with its light from the hanging chandelier lamps, to exude a very warm & cosy vintage atmosphere. 

The Payment Counter 
The Payment Counter is the centre of activity where the customers place their order & payment is made. Operations Manager heads the operations & running of Cafe Salivation under the watchful supervision of Karen Raja, 59, & her daughter Harsha Raja, 28. 

The Tea Time Crowd 
Cafe Salivation attracts not only health conscious individuals, vegetarians alike, many expatriates working & living in Singapore like these group of Japanese ladies living here in Singapore who visited Cafe Salivation for some good clean comfort healthy food during the after lunch hour. 

The Cafe Salivation Menu 
Cafe Salivation has a comprehensive category in its menu, comprising of Breakfast, Starters, Burgers, Pasta, Rice, Orientals, Desserts, Soups, Salads, Pizzas, Sandwiches, Mexican, Baked Dishes, Coffee, total of 55 items altogether. 

The native Indian Chefs 
The kitchen at Cafe Salivation is helmed by two native Indian chefs from Calcutta, India. Both are well versed in the culinary art of Vegetarian Cuisine.

Cafe Salivation is located at :
176 Race Course Road, S(218607)
Tel : 62981412
Opening Hours : 
Mon to Fri 10 am - 10.30 pm
Sat - Sun    10 am - 11 pm

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